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Cameron somehow finds himself in a crossdressing situation. Gift Points for good chapters!

Cameron somehow finds himself in a crossdressing situation. Gift Points for good chapters!

This is an interactive story containing 192 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is the story of Cameron, a teenage boy that will somehow find himself in a crossdressing situation. How will it happen?

There are lots of different paths to choose from, but the rule here is no physical transformations. There's some room for minor supernatural/fantastical elements such as hypnosis or things vanishing mysteriously as this story exists in the same world as some of my other stories, just not anything that causes physical transformations through mystical means.

General Writing Rules:
These are the guidelines for adding to any of my stories. I reserve the right to delete any chapters that break these rules.

1. Use good spelling and grammar. I will fix small mistakes, but I will delete chapters that are too hard to read.
2. Keep the story in third person and past tense. It's jarring when these randomly change.
3. Be consistent within a story branch and maintain the established continuity of the branch.
4. Keep characters consistent with their bios. It's okay to expand upon what's in the bios, but don't have characters act completely out of character or change established details about them.
5. Avoid adding too many one sentence or choice chapters. These are fine for earlier chapters in a branch to get things started, but after that point it becomes annoying and doesn't add anything to the story.
6. Don't write something completely different than what the option you selected says.
7. Try to avoid leaving only one option at the end of a chapter.
8. Sex is fine, but please try to be at least a bit realistic about it. Most people don't have sex constantly.
9. Try to avoid killing characters, especially the main characters. It's fine to include character death sometimes, but it's not really the focus of the story.
10. Please try to avoid adding to chapters that obviously violate the rules. I'd hate to delete a good chapter because it was added to one that broke the rules.
11. No promoting hate speech or being otherwise disrespectful of others.
12. Most importantly, have fun and don't be afraid to add! The story isn't going to write itself you know...

You can find a list of characters below that you can include. Feel free to introduce your own, as long as they don't conflict with any characters listed here. I might even add your character to the official list!

Cameron Brewer: The main character. He's a 15 year old boy and a freshmen in high school. He has straight brown hair that is long enough to just cover his eyes in the front, but it's a bit longer in the back. He's kind of skinny and rather on the short side for his age, only standing at 5’4”. He loves rock music, video games, and skateboarding and considers himself to be a bit of a nerd. He only has a few friends, and he is totally fine with that. He only lets his family and close friends call him Cam.

Anna Brewer: Cameron's twin sister. She’s about 5’3” and has long brown hair and B-cup breasts. and is very attractive for her age. Being twins, she and Cameron are very close. She's kind of a girly girl.

Christina Brewer: Cameron's older sister. She just turned 18 and is about to finish her senior year. She’s very athletic, but also very attractive. She has wavy shoulder length light brown hair and B-cup breasts and she’s around 5’5”. She’s nice most of the time but she has a very competitive side and can be somewhat controlling at times. She's not easily embarrassed and is not one to be bothered by situations most would find awkward. She's on several sports teams at school, including soccer, softball, and track.

Helen Brewer: Cameron's 48 year old mother. She’s getting on in years but she is still very very attractive. She has straight shoulder length brown hair and she’s around 5’4" and has B-cup breasts. She’s a very caring and understanding person but when she gets mad about something she can be very difficult to reason with.

David Brewer: Cameron's father, he died a couple years ago from a heart attack. He would be 50 now if he was still alive.

Jordyn Brown: One of Cameron's two best friends. She's a 15 year old girl who lives next door to Cameron. The two of them have been friends as long as Cameron can remember. She has long wavy blond hair and B-cup breasts and she’s 5’4” making her the same height as Cameron. She can be pretty girly, but she shares a lot of the same nerdy interests as Cameron.

Melissa Brown: Jordyn's 20 year old sister. She's away at college, but comes home for holidays and the summer. She's 5'7" and has shoulder length curly blond hair and D-cup breasts and she's super attractive.

Linda Brown: Jordyn's 44 year old mother. She's 5'5" and has wavy shoulder length light brown hair and C-cup breasts. She's attractive and energetic. She's a cool mom.

Geoff Brown: Jordyn's 46 year old father. He has short blond hair and he is 6'1". He works long hours so he's only home at night.

Mitch Turner: Cameron's other best friend. He's a 15 year old boy with short dark hair and he is 5’7”. He’s got a bit more muscle and weight than Cameron but isn't particularly athletic. He and Cameron have been friends since meeting in kindergarten. He's kind of a prankster.

Jessica Turner: Mitch's 18 year old sister. She's a total bitch and she and Mitch do not get along at all. She's easily annoyed and is impossible to reason with. She is attractive however. She's 5'6" and has straight shoulder length dark hair and C-cup breasts.

Karen Turner: Mitch's 40 year old mother. She unexpectedly got pregnant and never actually married her children's father. She left him shortly after Mitch was born because he was too irresponsible. Despite being 40, she is still very very attractive. She's pretty nice but she can be strict and harsh sometimes. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and C-cup breasts and is 5'5".

Kat Hernandez: One of Cameron's good friends. She's a 15 year old girl of mixed Mexican and Brazilian descent. She's 5'6" and has short, but feminine dark hair as well as C-cup breasts. She is very much a tomboy.

Susanna Hernandez: Kat's 17 year old sister. She's an athletic girl on the school soccer team with Cam's sister Christina. She's 5'7" and has an athletic build. She has shoulder length dark hair, D-cup breasts, and a nice butt. She's quite a bit girlier than her younger sister.

Sam Walker: One of Cameron's good friends. He's still 14, but is still in the same grade as Cameron. He's 5'6" and has longish reddish-brown hair that is a little longer than Cameron's. He's one of Cameron's more nerdy friends. He never knew his birth mother and lives with his stepmother.

Joan Walker: Sam's stepmother. She's 34 and married Sam's father a few years after he was born. She's been his sole guardian since his dad died a few years ago. She's nice, if a bit strict, and works as a lawyer. She has dark hair in a chin-length bob, a height of 5'7", and D-cup breasts.

Maggy McDonnell: One of Jordyn's best friends (besides Cameron). She's a petite redheaded 15 year old girl, only 5'1", and she has C-cup breasts. She keeps her hair in a chin length bob, has lots of freckles on her face, and wears glasses. She's smart and loves science, but is also a total geek when it comes to a lot of nerdy television shows.

Jen Peterson: One of Jordyn's best friends (besides Cameron). She's a 5'4" 15 year old girl with straight, shoulder-length dark hair and B-cup breasts. She's quite a bit more tomboyish than Jordyn, but is still quite feminine. She's into video games and anime.

Bethany Andrews: A 15 year old goth girl that Cameron goes to school with. She has shoulder-length raven-colored hair and pale skin. Her gothic fashion sense and the dark and strange stuff she tends to say makes most people avoid her, but she's typically nice to people who do interact with her. She's 5'5" and has B-cup breasts.

Kayla Miller: A 17 year old African-American girl on the school soccer team with Cam's sister Christina as well as a few other sports teams. She's best friends with Susanna. She's tall for a girl at 5'9" and has a very athletic build. She has frizzy dark hair she usually keeps pulled back and C-cup breasts.

Amy Townsend: A 15 year old girl who moved to town three years ago. She hasn't made too many friends on account of being a bit shy and socially awkward, but she seems pretty nice based on Cameron's limited interactions with her. She's kind of tomboyish; she really likes video games and action movies, but she still loves shopping and wears feminine clothes. She's cute and attractive, with shoulder length light brown hair that's usually pulled back into a ponytail and B-cup breasts, and she's 5'4".

Sarah Townsend: Amy's 17 year old sister. She's an all around awesome girl and Amy really looks up to her. She's sweet, attractive, and lots of fun to be around. She can always seem to find something to do. She's very girly, but she doesn't mind playing video games with her boyfriend or her sister. She has long wavy brown hair, beautiful green eyes, B-cup breasts, and a height of 5'3".

Bill Townsend: Sarah's 47 year old father. He's a nice guy, but he is overly protective of his daughters. He's got an average build, but he's rather tall at 6'1". He has short blonde hair, a clean-shaven face, and thick-rimmed glasses.

Diana Townsend: Sarah's 46 year old mother. She's more laid back than her husband and wants her girls to be able to do what they want in life. She has long brown hair, C-cup breasts, and is 5'5".

Ryan Martin: Sarah's 17 year old boyfriend of almost three years. He's a nice, if average, guy who like video games and all kinds of rock music, but he doesn't like sports that much. He has short dark brown hair and is of average weight and and height, standing at about 5'11".
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