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Several story trees that have to do with weird butt transformations and more...
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Chapter #2

Parasitic Butts

    by: bobboled
far in the outskirts of your hometown, there was a strange laboratory, one that wasn't government owned, and no one quite knew what went on there. Convoys moved in and out at night, but that was all most people know. Then, one day, People saw a smoke coming from the lab and the local authorities came to investigate. When they got there they found the lab as a smoldering ruin, devoid of any recoverable data or bodies. Unable to find any evidence, the case was closed a week later. That's when the strange occurrences started happening. A woman came into the hospital, gibbering about being attacked by some round monster and that it had hit her chest. The medical team examining her found nothing wrong with her psychologically, but what they found underneath her shirt was something modern medicine had not prepared them for.

The woman, who on her records had a small A cup as her breast size, came into the hospital with a chest the size of watermelons. When the doctors cut her shirt off to check for wounds, they found that the bulge in her shirt were not enlarged breasts, but that the woman had a large butt on her chest, complete with a working sphincter and vagina. The medical staff was perplexed, but x-ray scans showed that the butt on her chest was real and very much attached. The sphincter had hooked up to her stomach and was taking part of her nutrients, while her new vagina had not created a new connection to her uterus, but instead had a second one in the middle of her huge butt, with enlarged ovaries in either butt cheek. Unable to do more than comfort the poor woman, she was kept under care at the hospital as researchers examined her body.

A couple weeks later, the doctors were rushed into her room as the woman was panicking again. The woman told the staff that her boyfriend had visited her about a month ago and that they had made love. As well, her boyfriend had convinced her to let him have sex with the pussy in her breast/ass. She did, and now nearly a month later her chest butt had swelled to twice its size. The woman began to moan and squeeze her butt chest as her pussy stretched and pushed something large and round out of it. Her chest butt deflated back nearly to it's original size, but what shocked the doctors more was that the woman had just given birth to a disembodied butt from her own. One of the nurses touched it and it sprang to life, attaching to and becoming a part of her face. The woman was placed in quarantine while the nurse had to adjust to having a perky butt for her face. And the fact that she was now using its anus to speak with.

These were just the first cases, but certainly would not be the last as more parasite butts and other oddities found their way from the ruins of the lab and into town...

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