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The orb is left for a teen girl to find. It gives her powers to read and modify the minds.

The orb is left for a teen girl to find. It gives her powers to read and modify the minds.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You are Laura Lalure an eighteen-year old senior at Richmond High School. You are a very cute girl. You are five-foot five inches tall with wavy light brown hair and hazel eyes. You live with your family, Doug your father, Ellen your mother and your two older siblings Margaret (usually called Maggy) your sister and William (Willy) your brother. All the people around you are pissing you off for one reason or another, You wish you could do something, but you know there is nothing you really can do.

You find (not by accident as someone has put this object into your path) a golden orb. Once in possession of this orb you can read anyone's mind and better yet, you can make changes to their thoughts, emotions, memories, beliefs, personality, or any other mental, emotional or psychological trait that person possesses. You can add, remove or swap thoughts and ideas from anyone or any group of people who are in your presence. You can put false memories into a person's mind and they will believe these memories as if they were always true. You can make a person act like a child or believe that he/she is a child or is anything you want him to be. There is no limits to what you can make them think. You can make anyone believe anything even the impossible. You don't need to put anyone in a trance to use your new power, but you can if you want for dramatic effect if you like.

You are not by nature an evil or immoral person, but the orb has an effect on you to make you do things you wouldn't normally do. You either don't worry about the harm you are causing or justify that the person deserved it. Whether the people you change actually treat you as you think they have or its just a delusion put into your mind by the orb you don't know, but you believe that everyone is acting normally towards you before you make any changes to their minds.

Doug Lalure your father forty-six years old. You are his baby and so he is over protective of you. He doesn't like the fact that you are growing up so he tries to limit what you wear or what you do to keep you his little girl.

Ellen Lalure your mother forty-four years old. You had been very close to her as a girl but when you became a teenager you had been trying to gain your independence which caused friction between the two of you. She sometimes tries to live her life through you by encouraging you to take up dance and acting. Two hobbies she wish she had pursued when she was younger.

Margaret Lalure usually called Maggy is your older sister. She is nineteen years old and a sophomore at the local college. You had been very close all of your lives until she started to attend college. Now she would prefer to spend her time with her college friends and boyfriend. She has little time for you.

William Lalure usually called Willy is your older brother. He is twenty-two years old and a senior at the same college that Maggy goes too. He still lives at home. He has been calling you squirt or little sis for as long as you can remember. You are sick of it, you are almost an adult and you are definitely not short. You are in fact taller than Maggy.

Vienna your best friend. You have been growing apart throughout your senior year in high school. It's nobody's fault, you are just both changing and you have different goals.

Stacy is the class queen bee. She looks down at everyone and is surrounded by her sycophants, Jeannette, Clair, Melissa and others. She actually barely knows of your existence even though you have been a classmate of hers since elementary school.

Kellen is a nerdy boy who has a crush on you. He wants to be your boyfriend but he's just such a nerd (in your opinion) that you could never like him.

Zachary is your ex-boyfriend. You recently broke up. You think it was his fault, he thinks it was your fault the truth lies in the middle somewhere. You aren't in any of his classes this year and you hardly see him but you could find him if you looked.

Andrea is Ellen's best friend. She is at your house often and talks to your mom almost every day. Andrea has a five-year old daughter Gloria who is usually with her mother. Gloria is a typical five-year old girl who loves princesses. She has many princess themed toys like figurines, dolls and coloring books that she enjoys carrying around.

The mysterious stranger who arranged for you to find the orb may or may not be watching what is happening at any time.

No short menu chapters unless you are going to write one of the options yourself at the same sitting. If not I'll erase your chapter. (I will violate this rule at the beginning to lay out the story structure, but other than that no small chapters.)

All chapters must be at least five sentences long.

Proper grammar and spelling is important.

These are all mental changes not physical changes. You can effect multiple people at the same time as long as those people are in your line of sight. You can effect someone through a window, but not over the phone although you can implant an activating thought such as "you will believe everything I say" and then call a person up and tell them "something to believe."

The orb can't be taken away from or given away by Laura although people may try. All attempts fail in one way or the other.

No killing of characters although identity death is fine

No explicit description of sex unless it is very important to the story and even then use restraint. I.e you can say that a group of people had an orgy but you can't go into detail what happened. This is a story of mind control not a story of sex.

All perversions are acceptable.

I reserve the right to remove any chapter that I feel doesn't live up to these rules, especially the short chapter/menu rules.

Points given for reasonable chapters.
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