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You are a breeder type alien sent to earth to control as many people as possible.

You are a breeder type alien sent to earth to control as many people as possible.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
*A message from the overlord of your race*
Your being sent to earth to control a human, breed, and spread our race secretly until we have enough on our side. Once enough are on our side, our warships will be sent in with more breeders and soldiers to take the rest of the planet. We lost a critical amount of firepower and troops, so we will need at least a whole continent and it’s armies to help is in the fight. It’s imperative that you accomplish this in a year, because you won’t have any communication with your race once you get to earth and we can’t wait that long for more resources.
To control humans, you must control the brain. Once you find one alone, go into its mouth to the back of its throat, and go up to the brain. Spike your tendrils into it and you should assume full control of their memories and motor skills. You are a queen breeder, which is why we sent you; one of the last of our colony. This means you have the power to leave a baby in our host and control another whenever you want. Make sure you do though, because when you disconnect from a human without a baby attached, the human dies and cannot be controlled again.

(Only in Oregon story, in all others all hosts produce spawn by consuming nutrients.)
(You can produce breeders and soldiers, which each come with their own physical and emotional changes. Soldiers will get aggressive and serious over time. All they are trained to care about is becoming imposing and hating humans. Soldiers will organically become more strong over time, but also work out allot to accelerate the effect. They can gain up to 20 pounds of muscle in a month depending on the host. They also develop retractable teeth behind their original ones that are sharp as blades, and can detach their jaws to take huge bites. Soldiers are carnivores, and can eat other people for more nutrients. The breeders will have almost the opposite effect, being more relaxed and friendly I’ver time. Their goal is to get alone with as many people as possible and spread the species. Breeders will also gain weight rapidly and have to eat a lot to feed the offspring. Some big hosts can hold around 20 to 30 babies at a time. They can also spew a gas out of their mouth to knock people out. Either can control any gender.
You are also responsible of organizing everybody and making sure the spread is quiet and efficient. You can subject other hosts to coordinate things, just make sure they’re smart and have a few month mature breeder or soldier. You can also assign what baby will go to what host.)
You will be sent in a small meteorite that won’t be opened until your alone. It will take a couple days to create babies, so stay in secret. I’m counting... We’re, counting on you. Most don’t want to say it, but I believe your our species last hope. Don’t let us down.
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