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I know the answer but yet,wanted to know how many of us knows it.
Poll Question:
I am non religious, rather a spiritual person, I believe in god and truth about god and not in any religion at all.....

Why do you think there is constant increase in population? Where does so many souls come from?

More people die and even more population increases, how?

Where does these more people come from, if at all, there is no rebirth and once died the person is sent to Heaven or hell?

I have limited options available so kindly cooperate...if you want to know the answer shoot me an email....

Poll Options:
      Its a stupid question!!! no one knows the real answer
      Its heaven and hell no matter what....
      Its heaven and its getting overflooded
      Its hell and its getting overflooded
      I am least bothered!!! m just trying to kill some time here
      I do not know the answer but would like to know one myself
      Think about the life you've got...forget the life after death
      There is a rebirth.... who said there is no rebirth
      Soul is a part of energy by god
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