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Human psychology, common & interesting which exhibits a complex chain of normal behavior
Human Psychology has always fascinated me. Through years of keen observations, personal experiences and reading books by esteemed authors, I have found out significant reasons for the psychological differences. Interestingly, the results helped me to find a way that leads to mental peace.
By answering all the questions of human mind, effort has been made to present the solution in the simplest possible way. The significance of this topic asks one understand the working patterns of his/her own psychology and before applying these principles.

Human behavior is the collection of activities performed by Human beings and influenced by culture, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, authority, rapport, hypnosis, persuasion, and/or coercion.

The behavior of people (and other organisms or even mechanisms) falls within a range with some behavior being common, some unusual, some acceptable, and some outside acceptable limits.

The most popular reason for these books being sold is quite simple. Even after being successful in adapting to the external environment, only handful of individuals has succeeded in making any settlement with the internal environment. This book tries to solve the complexities that any normal person faces.

Of Course Psychology is highly influenced by some of the most obvious factors of life such as Culture, Age, Traditions & etc, but despite of this diversity one can easily identify the shared mental disturbance amongst each other. If we try concentrating on simpler aspects of life that leads to mental dissatisfaction we will be shocked on the findings.

Psychological dissatisfaction can be of many kinds. Most of the dissatisfaction is caused by Individual’s behavior which is mostly influenced by so called “Negative Powers”. These negative powers influence in certain predefined manner which we may have confronted many a times through our own subconscious mind.

The behavior of an individual often depends on the environment that he or she had been brought up. It not necessarily has the direct effect on the individual’s behavior but we might end up observing some reverse effects as well.

For e.g.: one of my childhood friends belonging to a hardworking middle class family never enjoyed spending money as he saw the way it is earned at the same time there were this neighbors who also belonged to the same class always tried to spend more in groups trying to show that they really don’t have any problem spending big time money.

In this example we can see that the former has made a settlement with his internal environment where as the later has done it through external settlement. The only interesting fact to be noted here is that the later would find it almost irresistible in every similar situation, when he will somehow try to convince himself.

In sociology, behavior is considered as having no meaning, being not directed at other people and thus is the most basic human action. Behavior should not be mistaken with social behavior, which is more advanced action, as social behavior is behavior specifically directed at other people. The acceptability of behavior is evaluated relative to social norms and regulated by various means of social control.

Social behavior is perhaps an integral part of overall behavior that we do through out our life.

Today when life is so hectic and when life is running quick. One has an option of either satisfying himself or others in other words, adjust with their inner selves or with the external environment.
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