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25 yo Mom of two: Newbie
Screen Name: Growing-N-Grace
Name & Age: Grace 25
DH Name & Age: Phillip 29
Children: Names/Ages: 5yo ds Samuel 2yo dd Esther
Location: Stillwater, OK
Notable physical characteristics : Marathon runner
Strongest personality traits: Determined, organized
Weakest personality traits: Won’t ask for help/knows it all
Favorite sayings: Scripture quotes. Frequent prayers
Describe family life : “model family”
Needs of the character: To be real
Reason for Homeschooling: That’s what Mom’s who really love their children do
Educational Approach: Literature based
Education/career: Homeschool grad. plus 2 yr Bible college
DH Education/career: Mgr (and heir to) father’s farm/construction equipment sales business
Business degree
Interests and hobbies: Sewing, cooking, jogging, reading
Children’s extra curricular: 5yo reading, T-ball
Religion: Charismatic Protestant
Financial situation: Upper Middle Class
Vehicle: New Minivan
Neighborhood: 2 acre farm – dh build home before marriage
Most valued possession: Church membership card
What drives your character: Pride
Conflict resolution technique: Conflict? What conflict? Just love it away.
Soapbox: What does the Bible say about that?; courtship
Philosophy on life:
Other notes: MOTHer
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