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43 yo mom of 3
Screen Name: CrunchyMamma
Name & Age: Jan, 43
DH Name & Age: Randy, 50
Children: Names/Ages: dd 12yo ds 8 yo ds 4yo
Location: Walla Walla, WA
Notable physical characteristics :
Strongest personality traits: Information Guru
Weakest personality traits: Distrust of “authorities” (especially medical)
Favorite sayings: God didn’t make it that way
Describe family life : busy with farm, exploring world nearby
Needs of the character:
Reason for Homeschooling: It fits the lifestyle
Educational Approach: Hands on
Education/career: Midwife
DH Education/career: Hog Rancher
Interests and hobbies: Sewing, homeopathy
Children’s extra curricular: 4H
Religion: Baptist
Financial situation: Stable
Vehicle: Pickup w/extended cab
Neighborhood: Farm near rural town
Most valued possession: Great-grandpa clock from Holland
What drives your character: Knowledge is power
Conflict resolution technique: Tackle it
Soapbox: Natural is better; homebirth, cloth diapers, naturopathic medicine, homeschool
Philosophy on life: If it is to be, it’s up to me
Other notes: FlyBaby
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