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What a fool I am

It's 3 AM and I hear on the radio star fish are dying ...
It's a mass die off, according to Charles Norry... Norwey?
Then, I bump into Peter Schiff and he's doing a schit on raising
the minimum wage from $8 to $15 at Walmart... Really?
The clerk at the 7/11 tells me an astronaut drown in his spacesuit on the space station.
We still have a space program?

How much does it cost to keep U.S. military bases in Paris, France and Berlin, Germany?
Iraq U.S. military bases cost a billion dollars a month. I read that in Time Magazine...
How much does an aircraft carrier cost to run?
I'll bet Walmart is paying for it... That'll raise the price of Cheo Pets.

Then, I wondered how many disgruntled Walmart employees want to beat Peter Schiff into hamburger.
Maybe more than 15%?
I had a flashback to Rush Limbaugh playing a jingle "Bomb Iraq flat."
But, a Senatorial committee has proof the country backing the Saudi Hijackers of 9/11 was Saudi Arabia.
Iraq had nothing to do with the attack on the Twin Trade Towers... Why are there bases in Iraq?
I stared at my Honey Comb cereal.

How much cheaper could my Honey Comb be if there were no U.S. bases in the Iraq?

Peter Schiff is just whistling up the wrong tree.
Can you dig it?

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