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Spam by any other name
Would still be bad poetry.

Weaving a Spam Basket1

Hello, Lucky Subscriber!
We are your one-stop affordable,
prepaid wireless service shop.

Hello, Lucky Winner!
Now is your chance to win something cool
and receive a very important transaction
that is guaranteed to eliminate all wrinkles in 90 seconds.

Hello, Spring!
If you don't read this now
you'll hate yourself later,
when boy meet grill
and the diplomat
I sent to you has arrived.

Believe in God!
The planets want to change your destiny today!
We have new rates for your vehicle,
so treat yourself with fresh flowers
and get paid to lose weight.

Spam Haikus2

Cheating Wives Go For The Gold
Have Dinner On Us!

Change Your Love Life Forever
Burt Fat All Day Long

Its A Grant For You
Here's How To Stop Your Hot Flashes.
Wake Up And Smell The JAVA!

Running Low On Cash?
Your Get Out Of Debt Free Card
Its Safe And Proven

Your Date Is Waiting
Who Will Be Your New Year's Kiss?
Hey She Wants You To

Do You Have Heartburn?
No Two Snow flakes Are Alike
Get Things Straightened Out

1  This poem is composed of words take from spam sent to my e-mail accounts.
2  Composed of e-mail subject line. This is the first spam poem I wrote sometime in 2003 or 2004.

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