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by Shaara
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This folder is the welcome mat. Come on in and sit a spell.

The donkey and the frog are talking about the marvels of the world.

Come in and "set" a spell

in the Wild, Wild West.

You'll find horses and cowboys,

saloon girls, and preachers,

the love sick, and the sick sick.

You'll see a world

without fences,

without taxes,

or traffic.

This is an illustration for my children's book of vehicles.

You'll meet up with desperados and drunks.

And you may find yourself

galloping across a prairie

into other worlds.

Miracle Cures in Slow Horse  (ASR)
In a planet across the universe, miracle cures do not always do what you hope.
#781932 by Shaara

This is the welcome mat through which you can pass if you have your horse and hat.


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    This is the welcome mat through which you can pass if you have your horse and hat.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/790793-Welcome-to-the-Wild-West