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Follow the clues to decipher the message and win gift points!
About the Folder

See "Kraktivities [13+].

About the Items

"Crack Kraken's Code Contest [13+]:
This is the contest forum, where you will find all the information you must know to successfully crack Kraken’s code, as well as the code itself.

"Crack Kraken's Code Conjectures [E]:
This is the form through which you submit what you think the encrypted quote is each round.

"Crack Kraken's Code Consideration [E]:
This is the form through which you submit a quote from an item on Writing.Com to be used in a round of the contest.

"Crack Kraken's Code Quotes [13+]:
Look here to see quotes from previous rounds, their origins, and the people who cracked the codes.
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