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This folder contains poetry about holidays, holy days, celebrations, and commemorations.
"Meditate on what the poet hath written: “Wonder not, if my Best-Beloved be closer to me than mine own self; wonder at this, that I, despite such nearness, should still be so far from Him.”… Considering what God hath revealed, that “We are closer to man than his life-vein,” the poet hath, in allusion to this verse, stated that, though the revelation of my Best-Beloved hath so permeated my being that He is closer to me than my life-vein, yet, notwithstanding my certitude of its reality and my recognition of my station, I am still so far removed from Him. By this he meaneth that his heart, which is the seat of the All-Merciful and the throne wherein abideth the splendor of His revelation, is forgetful of its Creator, hath strayed from His path, hath shut out itself from His glory, and is stained with the defilement of earthly desires."
Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, XCIII: “Know thou that every created thing is a…”

Blue Flame

Soul is a blue flame
As the distance between the soul and God increases
The frequency of its color is lowered
And the wavelength of its shade is lengthened
Shifting the hue towards the red
Tinting the flame cherry
Then burgundy
Then ruby
Then scarlet
Then a deep crimson blue

Soul is a blue flame
As the distance between God and the soul decreases
The wavelength of its color is shortened
And the frequency of its shade is raised
Shifting the hue toward the violet
Tinting the blue flame lilac
Then lavender
Then purple
Then violet
Then a deep indigo

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