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For children, about children.
I have friends with little ones. I observe children whenever I can. They are poetry in motion. This includes humor and tributes.

A photo of the Gary Lee Smalls of Oklahoma. Not to be confused with the Gary McPikes, Gary Glenn or Gary Strong *Bigsmile*

One hour after birth, his son holds his finger
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    My friend gave his 2 year old a drum set! Can you hear him play?
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    About birth. A play on the beating of a heart and the name of the father, Tom.
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    When Logan was 3, he called his brother Nafan Orange. Light verse for a friend.
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    Just a wistful afternoon with the two year old, quiet, of course :)
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    "First flight held up by father's hand. / First tears when laughing would not work."
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    A big baby. Now two, looking just like his dad. Formal on purpose.
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    8 short five line poems written for a friend who now has two sons: 6 and 2.
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