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My current portfolio magazine offers 14 relationship short stories, more than 10 tales of everyday life often with an Ari Lox twist, 5 science fiction short stories plus an eight thousand worder about BaltSea, and a sprinkling of poems and miscellaneous items. Elsewhere explore the neural features of ‘almost good enough’ matches, association of meanings, and elemental goals (Satiety, Sex, and Safety) that characterize our mental processing Mental Construction  . Or check out economics, science, government, and society in Burning Thoughts  .
A story, not about newlyweds, but cave dwellers. 1700 words
Rated: 18+
~2,467 Words
*Dollar* 1,500 GPs per review
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Type: Fiction
Updated 8 months ago
For any frustrated physicist, somber student, or ambitious adult. A 500 word math joyride.
Rated: E
~454 Words
Sci-fi, Scientific, Travel
Type: Essay
Updated 10 months ago
Math and the Status Quo
Rated: 13+
~812 Words
Educational, Cultural, Women's
Type: Fiction
Updated 4 months ago
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