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Summary of this Book...
This is a sweet, historical, Christian romance with some strong suspense elements that tells the love story of Karissa Jones, daughter of a notorious and highly wanted criminal, and US Marshal Matthew Carmichael while also introducing characters for the next books in the series.

The story starts at Karissa's mother's deathbed and has a lot of danger, some very sweet moments, and memorable characters.

This type of Book is good for...
People who like Christian romance, sweet romance, romantic suspense, historical stories, adventure, and prayer.
I especially liked...
I loved the prayers and strong faith element. I loved Karissa and her sister and I found myself hoping her one good brother who tried to help his sisters would be redeemed (maybe in a future book?). Of course, I liked the hero and the happy ending. I admired the pastor and his wife too and liked their parts in the story.
When I finished n/a this Book I wanted to...
Go to bed.. so I did. *Smile* But it was nice to have finished the book in time.
This Book made me feel...
Like I was along with Karissa on her journey.
I recommend this Book because...
I enjoyed it.
I don't recommend this Book because...
If one isn't open to Christian views, this book would be off putting.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/product_reviews/pr_id/114941-The-Grace-Legacy-The-Legacy-Book-1