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Summary of this Audible Books & Originals...
This is a book about how to be a woman who loves the Lord and lives to please Him. King David was called "a man after God's own heart" and this book conveys the author's personal plan on how she strives to be a woman after God's own heart.

I was already a fan of Elizabeth George and have read and been encouraged by the other books of hers that I've read. I thought it'd be good to listen to this at night as I got ready for bed and it was a blessing to me.
This type of Audible Books & Originals is good for...
Christian women and women interesting in living according to Biblical principles.
I especially liked...
She shared some of the struggles she'd had early on as a Christian wife and, as she had always seemed so perfect to me in her other books, it was nice to hear that she's not perfect. I loved the Biblical encouragement throughout.
I didn't like...
It took me a bit to get used to her voice. I'd imagined it one way and it was different but still nice.
When I finished n/a this Audible Books & Originals I wanted to...
Pray. I prayed a lot as I listened too.
This Audible Books & Originals made me feel...
Like I was being encouraged by a Christian mentor.
The n/a of this Audible Books & Originals...
"Elizabeth George, whose books have sold more than 12 million copies, is the author of Breaking the Worry Habit...Forever! In addition to writing, Elizabeth blogs regularly and has a daily radio spot, A Woman After God's Own Heart. Elizabeth and her husband, author Jim George, are parents and grandparents, and have been active in ministry for more than 30 years." from Amazon
I recommend this Audible Books & Originals because...
I enjoyed it.
Further Comments...
I own my copy of this. If audible books are loanable (I don't know that they are?) and you'd like to borrow it, please tell me how I can loan it to you and I'd be glad to do so.
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