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This is the second in Tracey Drew's Knitty Kitties Mystery series, and succeeds in matching - if not exceeding - the fun and mystery surrounding multiple murders surrounding Tessa in the first book of the series. Once again, we are treated to Tessa's odd knack of literally stumbling into freshly murdered dead bodies. The dashing Detective Mana returns to investigate the murders and warn her to stay clear of the investigation (and send her mixed signals about his interest in her). This time, though, "Stone's Throw Stud" (Oliver, the bar owner) gets more screen time that the big Detective. My only disappointment was that her cats aren't as involved in the story as they were in the first book - but when they do appear, they make it count.
I especially liked...
In this second book of the series, you get to see the tentative but continuing slow growth of a friendship between Tessa and her high school nemesis, Rosie. It's a nice little touch to add a friendship to a story like this, rather than just mysteries and love interests.
I didn't like...
I love it that Tessa isn't the ideal, beautiful, fit female that heroines tend to be - and the two hottest guys in town are both vying for her attention. However, it does get stale to hear her frequently telling of her poor eating habits, how out of shape she is, and how awkward she feels in her body. Women can be a bit overweight, enjoy a pastry with their coffee, without commenting about getting winded or splitting their skirt when they sit down. Sometimes it feels a little too demeaning - but I'm sensitive about that kind of thing.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/product_reviews/pr_id/114948-Purled-and-Poisoned-A-Humorous--Heart-warming-Cozy-Mystery-A-Knitty-Kitties-Mystery-Book-2