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The Institute: A Novel   (Rated: )
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Summary of this Book...
Ex-cop Tim Jamieson decides to hitch hike to New York but finds himself working as a night knocker in DuPray, South Carolina; simultaneously, 12-year-old genius Luke Ellis from Minneapolis is getting ready to head off to college when, one night, he is kidnapped. Taken to a building in the forests of Maine known as "the Institute", Luke quickly finds out that he has telekinetic abilities, as do the other children he meets upon arrival. They undergo dangerous testings by a team of doctors until Luke decides there is no other option but to try and escape. When the two stories collide, a captivating tale of bravery, trust, and human nature is produced.
This type of Book is good for...
This type of book is perfect for anyone looking for a thriller that does not cross the horror genre line. While suspenseful and disturbing at times, King does a brilliant job of creating a book that opens your eyes and avoids terror simultaneously.
I especially liked...
One of my favorite parts about this book was the way that King so effortlessly jumps between different perspectives. It made the story exciting to read while also providing us with just enough information to keep it suspenseful. Additionally, his set up of both the setting, the Institute itself, and the characters was highly impressive.
I didn't like...
In all honesty, there were some parts of the plot that I had to read several times to understand. The more complicated ideas, such as those involving the "stasi lights" and the childrens' mental connections, could have been further developed. There were multiple moments in the book where King wrote "Luke understood"; I found myself wishing I was a child genius so that I could share that understanding.
When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...
After reading this book, I wanted nothing more than to test the limits of my own mind. This novel does an amazing job at highlighting the power of the human brain; although I don't see telekinetic abilities in my future, I turned the last page with a new appreciation for my own capabilities. It also left me itching to read another King book, or at least a book with similar thrills and messaging.
The author of this Book...
Here is my truth: I have never read a Stephen King novel before this one. Although I closed the pages of "On Writing" just around a year ago, King's fictional stories bring a whole new world to life that were far more consuming than I expected. His craft is close to perfection, and his understanding of his own style and messaging is clear. King is able to write a 560 page novel and make me fly through it like it were 200; this shows a high mastery of story telling.
I recommend this Book because...
I recommend this book because it is so effortlessly suspenseful in a way that some horror and thriller books are unable to achieve. It will change the way you view yourself, those around you, and humanity as a whole, and provides a refreshing view on both the light and dark sides of mankind.
Further Comments...
I feel the need to comment on the ending of the book, although I struggled with what to say for a long time. I can't say I necessarily disliked the ending: it was happy enough, and provided that bitter-sweet moment that so many readers crave. However, I did not feel satisfied. It felt almost too predictable, or too "plain", for lack of a better term; it felt like an ending that I had read in many other books before. It is a pretty logical and tame conclusion, yet felt like a poor ending to a story that was anything but.
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