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Welcome to the comic book, it's time to find out what you really are.
Welcom to the fictional city of Coconut City, it is a booming metropolis complete with a whole heck of a lot of crime, a rare coconut tree that smells just delicious, super heros, side kicks, a cute little pavilian where a local band plays blue grass, and even a crime lord or two.

It's one o'clock in the morning, somewhere downtown a crime is taking place. Where are you? Are u the biggest badest super villian? Are you the crime fighting super wonder? Are you the side kick wearing tights and lookin all cool? Are you the victim curled up in a ball and sucking your thumb? Take this test to find out who you really are. Be honest, think carefully, and most of all have fun! Hope you enjoy! :)

OH! And I love feedback so let me know what I can do to improve! :)
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1. Fight Flight or Freeze!:
 Danger has reared it's ugly head and now you must react! But how??? Do you Fight, Flight or Freeze??
       I have a sudden surge of energy and I will defeat the monster!        
       I am filled with energy and rage consumes me! I will defeat my opponant!        
       I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared! Time to run away        
       Superman? Batman? Spidey? Anyone???? HELP!        
       I'm frozen oh so frozen.        
2. Lets get to know you!:
 Have you taken my first quiz: how good are you? hahaha just kidding :p Do you have a hidden identity?
       Yeah, who doesn't? Mine is Bianca Paige and I live on 4355 Coconut Ln        
       If you're asking if I put on a pair of glasses and slick back my hair the answer is no.        
       Ummm I don't understand the question?        
       Instead of answering your question I shall now have to kill you.        
       Ummm my boss said that I have to dispose of you, sorry        
       If I did I would never tell you        
       Who told you?!        
3. Do you like the police?:
 It's late at night and you just got pulled over. The cop is marching up to your car window, what is going through that tiny little brain of yours??
       Aw crap, the tail light must be out again        
       Hide the guns!!        
       I love cops! They protect and serve! I wonder what he wants?        
       Uh oh superman won't be too happy with me. I wonder if I'll get kicked out of the justice league?        
       Thank god! The police man will help rescue me from the mad man holding a gun to my head!        
       I hate cops! I'm gunna run for it!        
       This is all part of my master plan!        
4. Whatchya doin there buddy?:
 The local bank, Coconut Bank, is being robbed and you are inside! What are you doing?
       I'm calling the police!        
       I am calmly obeying orders. Someone will come save me        
       I'm robbin the joint!        
       I will do my hero's duty and save the day        
5. Do you really obey the dentist?:
 Be honest folks, in the past week what best describes your dental hygiene?
       I have brushed twice a day flossed every night        
       Pshaw! I don't believe in dentists!        
       My dentist is tied up in my basement and oh yeah I flossed daily        
       I brushed my teeth daily and flossed whenever I remembered        
       I think flossing is a big conspiracy theory that the dentists thought up, I only brush my teeth        
       I brushed my teeth pretty regularly, I might have forgotten a time or two...        
       It was pretty bad, I'd rather not say        
6. If you had super powers....:
 Okay so if you could choose your super power what would it be and why?
       the power of flight! Cause it would be fun        
       Laser vision cause it would be the ultimate weapon        
       Super strength so I could beat up anyone        
       Super strength so I could protect my loved ones        
       Super CPR skills so I could bring anyone back to life        
       Invincibility so that no one could defeat me!!!!!!!        
       Invincibility so that no bad guy could defeat me        
7. Do you want to save the world?:
 Do you want to save the world? Or do you want to...
       Save the world!        
       Rule the world!        
       Live in a happy world        
       Let someone else save the world        
       Live in an alternate dimension where teddy bears eat little children and flowers fly in the sky        
8. MMmmn Okra and Brussel Sprouts!:
 Do you eat your vegetables?
       Yup and I love them!        
       does a potato chip count?        
       Death to Broccoli!        
       I don't love them but I eat them anyways        
       Help! the spinache is eating me alive!        
       I mash them up with my fork until they are unedible.        
9. Do you obey the law?:
 You are driving and the light just turned red. You look around and there are no cars. Do you pull to a stop or keep right on going?
       Of course I stop, I don't break the law.        
       I pull to a stop but if no cars show up I'm definately gunna go.        
       I never stop at red lights, I think that they are more of a suggestion.        
       Not only do I run the red light I also hit the parked cars on the side of the road.        
10. Who is your favorite...:
 Who is your favorite?
       Superman cause he always does what is right        
       The joker cause he is just plain crazy!        
       Robin, I like his tights        
       Batman cause he kicks butt!        
       Lex Luther, he's evil but smart        
       Venom he's bad!!!!        
       Lois Lane! Cause she's an awesome reporter        
11. Lets get to know you!:
 Okay so you are at school/ college/ business meeting. You have just been handed a pop quiz and will be in super big trouble if you fail. You are worried, cause instead of studying you were up all night watching anime on mega videos. What do you do?
       It's okay cause I studied for this test weeks and weeks ago, I'm prepared        
       It's okay cause I have the answers permently tattooed on my arm        
       I will bribe/ threaten/ kill anyone who gives me an F        
       I might sneek a look at my partner, but hey I'm not a bad guy!!!!        
       I'll wing it, I'm a smart guy        
       I have "friends" who will take care of it        
       Oh shoot another F...time to rethink a career.        
12. Are you a hero?:
 You are driving by in your electric car (cause you care about the enviroment darnit!) when you see a bunch of thugs bullying a chubby guy on the street corner. What do you do?
       Honk your little horn and hope it scares them off        
       Pull over quickly and join the thugs, this looks like fun!        
       Jump out, beat up the thugs and steal the guy's wallet.        
       Call the police! Where's batman? Someone help!!!!        
       Protect the guy, it is your solemn duty to protect the citizens of Coconut City        
       Gun your car straight at the crowd, once you've run everyone over back up and do it again.        
       Nothing, it isn't any of your business.        
13. What do you think?:
 On a scale between 1 and 5 how bad is Cat women? Is she a criminal or does she have some good in her? Five is the worst and one is the best...
       Who is catwomen?? I don't really read comic books...        
       (5) She steals which is against the law. She is a criminal        
       (1) Ha! She don't even try to rule the world! I wouldn't even let her be one of my hench men!        
       (2) She does steal sometimes, but she seems to have morals. I just can't believe that she doesn't have some good in her.        
       (3) She breaks the law, which she must be held accountable for, but she is not evil.        
       (4) She's not batman thus she must be bad        
       (5) She is a criminal I will kill her and do Coconut City a world of good        
14. would you rather?:
 This is an easy question, it's pretty cut and dry. Would you rather people-
       Fear you! Muahahahaha        
       Obey you        
       Listen to your opinions and respect you        
       Love you        
       Look up to you        
       Give you all their money        
       Like you        
15. Do you obey the law?:
 You had a few Coconut Margaritas at the Cocobees and now it is time to go home, what do you do?
       You never drive, your butler does it for you        
       You pass the keys to your friend who has also had a few too many to drink        
       There is no law against drunk flying        
       Not only will you drive drunk but will also rob a bank on the way home!        
       No cop will dare pull you over they are all in your pocket.        
       The boss said drive so you drive        
       You never drive drunk oh and by the way buzzed driving IS drunk driving. Shout out to MADD!        
16. In the game of risk...:
 In the game of risk what type of player are you?
       I will do anything to win the game, stab my own brother in the back and break alliances because I world domination is da bomb!        
       What's risk? Sounds too risky        
       You play honorably and still manage to win against all odds.        
       you play honorably and yet still manage to loose...how'd that happen?        
       No one plays with you anymore, you've been caught cheating one too many times        
       You suck at Risk. You got no game and everyone always beats you        
17. That's just not fair!:
 You got married a month after your best friend and even though you try not to compare your gifts with theirs...well lets just say the quality and quantity just wasn't the same. What do you do?
       Weddings aren't about gifts, it's about the love between two people. I am happy        
       How dare they?? I am keeping a list of all the friends who didn't give me a good gift and I will hunt them down ...        
       It's okay I'm at peace with it...especially since I know that in just about two minutes a bomb shall be going off in my friend's car...        
       Okay that's just messed up, but I understand that my friends spent what they could afford on me. Two weddings in two months is expensive for everyone.        
       Once you get past the initial hurt and anger...well you are still angry, this was your special day dangit! But you love your friends so you get past it.        
       Give up, it's not worth it. You sink into the depths of despair and read anne of green gables over and over and over        
       It's okay cause from now on you refuse to give any gifts to anyone no matter what the occasion! Payback's a b-        
18. Let's be honest...:
 How great are you?
       I'm freakin awesome! I'm amazing! There is no one else like me!        
       I try my best to uphold the law to be a good person, but I still have a lot to work on        
       I am no greater than anyone else, I wish I was more like Superman!        
       I have only done what I ought to have done.        
       I am the greatest reporter ever!        
       I wouldn't exactly call me great, but yeah I'm awesome.        
       I serve the greatest criminal mastermind in the world!        
19. Hero or villian???:
 Your mother was just kidnapped by a bunch of thugs from the other side of town. What do you do?
       AHHHH! Run and hide! Run and hide!        
       Time to bust out the guns, there's gunna be a fight tonight!        
       I will not allow anyone to challenge my power or authority over my town! I will stop at nothing to destroy the rival gang        
       Call the police! Where's batman? Someone help!!!!        
       You find the nearest telephone booth and after a quick change you are off to the rescue!        
       She's just my mother, I'll let her sit tight for a little while, I'm kinda busy right now        
       Yeah, I tried to rescue her, but now I'm caught as well! Superman help!!!        
20. whom do you love???:
 The love of your life is...
       The lady with a sweet smile/ the guy with twinkling eyes        
       The lady in red with cheap perfume and big hair/ the guy in a wife beater and cheap gold chains        
       My mommy!        
       The woman/guy I can never have because it would be too dangerous for her/him        
       My self cause I'm awesome!        
       Riches, Power, Fame!!!! Muahahahaha        
       My wife/ Husband, I'm strong enough to protect them        
21. oooh! Biggy!:
 Here's a tough one...You parked next to a beat up old car, and as you were opening your door you accidently scratched their car. What do you do?
       Look around and if there were no witnesses then just pretend like it never happened        
       Why stop at a scratch? Lets blow up the car just for kicks!        
       Carefully right out a slip with my insurance information and leave it on their windshield.        
       It's just an old car I doubt they even notice it. This is not gunna ruin my day.        
22. Whatchya doin there buddy?:
 It's late at night, what are you doing?
       Watching tv and snacking on popcorn        
       Out prowling the streets searching for crime        
       Being held hostage        
       z z Z Z Z Z Z Z        
       Going over the plans for world domination!        
       Investigating an old wharehouse that was reported to house mutant clones of the presidents!        
       I don't kiss and tell....        
23. Lets get to know you!:
 Do you like to surround yourself with expensive things?
       Ooh shiny! Diamonds are a girls best friend after all        
       I live a simple life devoid of all worldly possessions        
       I live in a fortress surrounded by the best of the best!        
       I like nice things, who doesn't?        
       I'm a collector, I must have unique, famous, and of course expensive pieces        
       I would like to have nice things but I am poor        
       I live simply, I'm content with what I have.        
24. Lets get to know you!:
 Your best friend just dumped your little sister. Needless to say you are very protective of your family (whether out of love, pride whatever...). What do you do?
       Run and hide, my best friend is HUGE!        
       Begin plotting revenge, he won't get away with this...        
       Order a hit on him.        
       I forgive him, it was a mistake and he is very sorry.        
       I'm angry, but he is my friend so after I beat him up we'll be just fine.        
       I take the high road, he didn't do anything illegal so while I don't like him there is nothing I can do        
       I'll do whatever my sister tells me to do.        
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