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It was Goth and for kids!
Ok, I may be all growed up now, but this show was my favorite when I was in middle school. I absorbed it from the first episode.

It may just be why I turned so dark and gothy all through college. I even retain many of my dark tendencies today in both my personality and home decor.

I appreciated this cartoon for its depth, story arcs, and inclusion of myth and Shakespearan allusions. Even at 13 I appreciated a good story and grand but fallible characters.

So, let's all remember our old friends Goliath, Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, Bronx, Broadway, Demona and MacBeth, David Xanatos, Elisa Maza, Owen Burnett/ Puck, Angela, the Weird Sisters or Trio, Fox and the Pack, Coldstone, Coldsteel, Coldfire, Oberon, Titania, and a myriad of other odd and beautiful charcters like the Manhattan pack and gargoyles from around the world.
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1. What's in a name?:
 Who named Demona?
       The Magus        
2. Location, Location:
 Where do the Gargoyles live after Xanatos's building?
       a penthouse        
       a clocktower        
       a castle        
       Elisa's apartment        
3. Family bonds:
 How many weird sisters are there?
4. Tricky:
 What trick does Puck pull on Demona?
       makes her human        
       turns her purple        
       gives her donkey ears        
       puts her back in time        
5. Dark side:
 What is Goliath's evil twin called?
       The Beast        
6. Big bada boom:
 What do Lexington, Broadway and Brooklyn crash soon after awakening in NYC?
       a car        
       a boat        
       a rain        
       a motorcycle        
7. Everyone needs a hobby:
 What is Hudson's favorite pastime?
       watching tv        
8. Sleepytime:
 How do the gargoyles end up asleep for 1000 years?
       they chose it        
       the magus curses them        
       they are kept underground        
       it's their sentence        
9. Wakey wakey eggs and bacey:
 How do the gargoyles awaken?
       their sentence ends        
       the castle is raised above the clouds        
       Goliath gets bored and wakes up        
       sunlight hits them        
10. Where am I?:
 What was the name of the castle in Scotland?
       Castle Wyvern        
       Castle Draco        
       Castle Camelot        
       Castle Avalon        
*Star* This quiz does not allow multiple attempts...
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