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by Buddy
Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Psychology · #1004794
Story of a boy with an overactive imagination, that leads him down a horror-filled road.
1 - EXT - Darrus' Bedroom - EXT - 1

[Camera overviews the room]

The radio is on, on Darrus' dresser. Song playing is 100 Years by Five for Fighting. We see Darrus sleeping in his bed, covered in about 6 blankets. He is 12-years-old with blonde hair. Darrus is snoring quite loud. The walls of his room are covered in frames, photos, and posters. We see one of his posters is that of a slasher movie. On the poster, we see a demon dressed in black & red, whose name is apparently "Marco". We pass the poster to see a mid-size television set, suspended above the room. The camera zooms out to get a view of the entire room. Suddenly, there is a tremor. A few of the frames fall to the ground and break. Darrus is still asleep. Another tremor starts again. A bat framed on the wall above Darrus' bead falls down and hits him on the back. Darrus wakes up and falls off of the bed. The tremor, now apparantly an earthquake, is still shaking the house. Posters start to fly off the ceiling and walls of the room. Darrus realizes what is happening and runs to the door, he tries to open it but it is jammed shut. A frame falls off and hits Darrus on the shoulder. He backs off in reaction, and trips over the bat. The "Marco" poster falls off the wall and slides over Darrus. He looks at the demon the poster and begins to scream. He is screaming, but we cannot hear it, we can only hear the earthquake. The television set falls off from its stand and hits the floor. It busts open and sparks fly everywhere. Darrus gets the Marco poster off of him and runs to the door again. He tries to open it once more but it does not work. Darrus remembers the bat and goes over to get it, posters and frames still falling. He swings the bat to the door, but it does nothing. He looks at his window and immedatly runs over to it. The boy takes his baseball bat and throws it through the window.

2 - INT - Darrus Bedroom - INT - 2

Darrus wakes up on the floor of his bedroom, the camera overvies it to see that Darrus was just dreaming. There is pounding on the door and we hear the boy's mother.

Darrus' Mother: Darrus! Open the door! Open the damned door!

Darrus: Sorry...

He gets up and rushes over to the door and unlocks it, letting his mother inside.

Mother: What was that crash......

She gasps at the sight of the broken window.

3 - INT - Stairway - INT - 3

Darrus is carried out of his room by his ear.

Mother: You think this shit is funny?

She kicks her son to the ground and he begins to cry.

Darrus: I didn't...

Mother: Yes you did! Don't give me that shit!

She kicks him down the stairway and he regains control of his speed midway of the stairway. He stops.

Mother: Keep rolling you little bitch!

Darrus: I'm sorry!

Mother: Come to me now!

Darrus gets up and walks towards his mother. She raises her hand and slaps him. He falls back down the stairs and his head hits the wall at the bottom. He looks up and the chandeleir fall on him


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