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by Buddy
Rated: 13+ · Other · Thriller/Suspense · #1163340
A short story of what happens shortly following a car crash.


Damien swam under the dock, and rose to the surface. He listened to the conversation above.

“I’m not stupid.”

“You sure about that?”

Gun cock.

“Just tell me where the fuck he is.”


“Dammit, Jason!”

“Go ahead, shoot me.”

Safety off.




Damien could hear the bullets drop out of Jason’s hand.

Jason laughs.

“How the fuck did you get those? I just loaded it!”

Damien could hear the gun fall from this mystery man’s hand. It went to the edge of the dock. Damien slowly swam over to it, trying not to make noise.

“Listen man, he knows where my daughter is! Just tell me where he is. I KNOW I saw him go here!”

“You must be mistaken.”

“Don’t make me do this”

“Do what?”

“What is that?”

“What do you think? You can’t unload bullets from a knife, Jason.”

Damien reaches for the gun and pulls it under the dock. He slowly swims back to the middle of the deck, where the bullets were dropped.

“You don’t want to do this. If you kill me, you won’t know where he is.”

Damien was surprised how mellow Jason was acting.

“I can find him myself.”

Damien pulled to bullets from the cracks in the deck.

“What was that?”


“I swear I saw something move down there.”

Damien starts to swim towards the beach as he loads the gun. The mystery man continues to look down. Damien crawls onto land, and he watches Jason kick this man in the stomach, then try to run. The man quickly turns around, as he falls, and stabs Jason in the leg. Damien releases the safety.



The man lies there, as Jason starts to push himself back up. He limps over to Damien.

“Help me into the car.”


“Who was that guy?”


“He said something about his daughter.”

“No, I don’t think he did.”

Damien props up his brother, and looks at the huge dent in the car made by “hitman” when he blindsided them.

Damien goes into the driver’s side and revs the car up. He puts on the lights and adjusts the seat.

“Why was the hitman after me?”

“Because he thought you were me.”

“Why was he after you?”

Jason groans.

“You need to get to a hospital.”

“No. I have bandages at my house.”

“What did you do?”

“You know, horse racing gets competitive. He wanted the highest bidder eliminated.”


“Please….let’s not talk about it.”

They arrive at Jason’s house. Damien helps Jason to the door, and Jason unlocks it. They walk in, and Jason stumbles to the couch.

One hour later.

Jason is bandaged up and asleep. Damien begins to look for the bathroom. The hallway is dark, but he finally reaches a door and opens it. He finds the switch and flips it.

Jaw drop.

He runs over to the little girl and begins to untie her.

“Are you okay?”

“I don’t know…where is my dad?”

“….my God.”
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