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For Louisiana. It takes Will to open up your arms, home, heart. Solutions are easy.
Solutions are simple. Do you have the Will to act?

If a man is thirsty, give him water.
If a man is hungry give him food.
If a man is homeless, give him a home.

Very simple. Solutions are shorter than the arguments surrounding them.

Not everyone can take a person or family in. But everyone can open their arms and share their heart.

The people of Louisiana need homes. Many of them lost family and friends. They have nothing left. They are traumatized, scared and hungry.

Unless you have been homeless, in a war zone, incarcerated, in a refugee camp or insitutionalized, you personally do NOT have the experience that these people will be facing.

There are plenty of empty bedrooms throughout the country.

Let those who have the space open up their houses and homes.

Let those with means pay for it.

Let the many who have heart-to-spare provide the support these people will need.

Solutions are very simple. Finding the Will to act takes more effort.

Kåre Enga

3 september 2005

Note: This is an edit of an email I sent out today regarding what individuals and communities can do about the crisis in Louisiana.
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