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“Wake up! It’s 07:30!“. That’s what the talking clock boomed in my ear, of course it isn’t actually a talking clock, it’s my room-mate Eleanor, my very NOISY room-mate Eleanor. Of course there was absolutely no reason for waking me up at this god awful hour, she just felt like it. She annoys me.

I attempted to get back to sleep, but Eleanor was listening to her music again. So I dragged myself out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen and attempted to make an omelette, unfortunately, I failed, and just poured myself some cereal. I groaned, and wandered to the comfy chair in the living room, then the phone rang.
“Eleanor! Phone!” I shouted from the chair. So Eleanor ran in the bedroom and picked up the phone.
A while later she came through into the living room.
“Get on your uniform, we got a job.” She said. I was shocked by this, after all, it WAS 07:30 in the morning.
“For god’s sake! I just woke up!” I yelled.
“Hey, I don’t decide when we have jobs, so get up and put on your uniform. I dragged myself to my feet, walked into my room and got changed into my uniform.
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