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My first entry, just giving it a go.
The heart, mind and soul, three nonphysical traits of everything living that seperates us from being identical. The ability to dream, and persue those dreams makes us different to those that follow habit. We have habits, but we can inflict change within our world if we so dare. It is the desire that lies in our heart, mind, and soul that determines just how much change we are prepared to cause. We are driven each day to survive, but have the capability to not only control our lives, but inspire those around us. It is our dreams, that when followed, brings the heart, mind, and soul closer together to work as a cohesive unit, determined to reach ever moving goals. But, when left unrealised our dreams allow habit and survival to rule over the inner thoughts of the mind, the direction of our hearts and the strength of our souls. Realisation and the acheiving of our dreams results in a physical state of well being beyond all else. A feeling of love and hate, joy and pain, freedom and restraint all coming together like a burning fire to the chest, a release in your head, and a weightless feeling of the body.
Even in failure to reach a dream, feelings of being alive beyond habit fuel the heart mind and soul to again persue what eludes us all. Life itself.
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