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Rated: 18+ · Sample · Romance/Love · #1116164
Two books currently in progress. No firm release date for either. Enjoy!
Category: Historical Romance

Setting: Spanish held New Mexico, 1700's


Seeking revenge, Apache warrior Red Moon captures the woman he assumes to be the wife of his Comanche enemy. Fascinated by the blue-eyed innocent, Red Moon devises a plan to spare Lena from suffering for his mistake. Torn between her will to survive and the principles of her strict Catholic upbringing, will Lena be able to put her past behind her and accept her new life? And even if she does, what will happen to them when Red Moon’s deception is exposed?


She glanced at Red Moon again, a new hope igniting. From the way he was acting, maybe he didn't intend to hurt her after all, but she couldn't help wondering why he had taken her in the first place and what he planned to do now. With morbid curiosity, she dared the question that was foremost in her mind, knowing that with any luck at all, the other question could wait. What are you going to do with me?" she asked.

"I don't know," he answered honestly, already pondering what he would tell his warriors when they arrived. Even though he could not bear the thought of it happening, he knew they would not hesitate to take their pleasure with her, then kill her. They would feel justified in doing so, having risked their lives to help him take the wife of his enemy. It wouldn't matter to them that she was only Tall Tree's slave and that her torture and death might mean less to him than the loss of one of his horses.

"I'm afraid you are of little value," he said, thinking aloud.

Suddenly outraged, Lena sprang to her feet, hurling her body at his. Her hands balled into fists, she rained blows around his face and neck, releasing all her pent up anger, fear and frustration. "Damn you! How dare you say such a thing! Who are you to judge my value?" she gasped furiously.

Surprised by her outburst, Red Moon remained in a sitting position, ducking and dodging her tiny, flailing fists and raising his hands to protect his face. Her full weight against him was no more than that of a child. She was small and fragile, light as a feather and just as easily crushed, but he had no real desire to hurt her. As he struggled to bring her under control, he thought with dark amusement that it was entirely possible that Tall Tree mourned the loss of his horse more than he would Lena, since the animal was well trained and obedient and not possessed of a nasty temper like that of this woman.

He reached out and grasped her arm, flinging her into his lap and grabbing a handful of her hair. Tugging on it until she cried out in pain and fell silent, he shouted, "No more!"


Category: Time Travel Romance

Setting: Key West & Florida Keys/present day & 1700's


Delilah Delacroix is quite literally at the end of her rope when she meets the handsome Captain James Stirling, an 18th Century pirate that has somehow managed to travel through time to the 20th Century.

Upon the death of her lovable, but free-spending uncle, Delilah discovers she is near bankruptcy and stands to lose her only source of income, the run-down Key West art gallery he left her. She has no money for her college tuition, and her husband is leaving her... for a MAN!

Certain that nothing short of suicide could be a possible solution; she decides to take her own life on Halloween night, during the biggest celebration on the island. James, (dressed as pirate, no less), thwarts her plan, and in the space of only 3 days, turns her life upside down as well. She's about to travel to places she'd never dreamed she could go. In more ways than one!


He stirred beside her, opening his eyes. Stunningly, breathtakingly, deep cobalt blue, they slid over her appraisingly.

“I trust you fared the night well, Lady Antoinette?” he asked, a sensuous smile curving his lips as he stretched like a big, sleek cat.

Delilah couldn’t help smiling. “That’s not really my name, you know?”

“’Tis not?” he asked, arching a dark brow. “Pray tell, by what name should I address you, then, milady?”

“My name is Delilah.”

“As in ‘Sampson and Delilah’?” he asked, propping on one elbow and raking his other hand through his tousled black curls in mock alarm.

“Don’t worry. I don’t play with scissors,” she informed him dryly. “Now would you mind telling me how we ended up in this bed together naked? And while you’re at it, you might also fill me in on anything else that might have happened that I don’t seem to recall this morning.”

“What do you think happened?” he asked, his eyes gleaming impishly.

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