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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Thriller/Suspense · #1132634
The Road To The Truth
 "Dark Seed" Chapter One  (13+)
The Calling. The Gathering.
#1132096 by Twisted Arts

 Dark Seed Chapter Two  (13+)
The Arrival. The Unveiling.
#1132227 by Twisted Arts

Chapter Three: "The Road To The Truth."


James looked at Josh and the road in both horror and amazement at what was happening. Up to the mound, except an almost perfectly traced portion around Josh's body, the road had completely collapsed and had fallen into an eighty foot pit of burning coal. James opened his mouth, as if to say something, but found he had no voice. What was he going to say anyway that wouldn't state the obvious. 'Holly Shit' had been covered here.

The flames from the coal fire had grown higher with the new breath of oxygen, giving it life. "Josh!" Allison screamed as she reached out her hand for him to grab it, but he didn't need a rescue. He was doing just fine all on his own.

James put his hand on Allison's shoulder. "It's okay," he said, "he doesn't need your help. Something more than what meets the eye is going on." James picked up a rock and let it drop into what was once a road, as if he thought it wouldn't fall through, but it did. "Josh, are you al right? Can you stand up?"

"Yeah, at least I think I can." Josh stood up, and as soon as he did so, the ground began to collapse again, where he body was no longer touching. At last, the only bit of road that was left, was the road that was touching his feet. "What the hell is this?" he screamed as if he were yelling at God, the same God that he never believed in.

"It is simply a testament of who you truly are, Josh." Greg said from behind James. "You should embrace it, for it will be with you from now until the day you die." Greg had stepped out into plain sight, and got down on his knees. He began to change. His skin tightened and turned from white to dark brown. Wings were beginning to grow out from his back. "You see, I'm not who you've always thought I was. You were meant to come here, meant to learn who you really are."

"What the fuck do you mean 'who you really are'?" Josh asked Greg and looked him square in the eyes. "If I'm not me, then tell me just who the fuck I am then." Josh was in disbelief, not only because of what 'Greg' was saying and changing into, but also at the fact that Allison and James seemed to not notice 'Greg'. Also, they didn't seem to move, not even the movement in the chest from breathing. They seemed no more than statues.

Greg noticed that Josh was looking at James and Allison. "No worries about them, there al right, for now at least." he said as a sly smile came across his face. "I sense a feeling of jealousy in you toward them. Jealous of the fact that they are left completely in the dark as to what is going on. Don't let it get to you, soon enough, they too shall know the truth, I will open their eyes, as I am about to open yours." Greg extended his wings, and long, spider like arms rose from out from his sides. At the end of the arms, there were large, sharp points, with thousands of smaller ones surrounding the base of them.

Greg spread them out as far as they would reach, then quickly brought them in towards Josh. The sharp points pierced through Josh's skin, went passed his rib cage, then jabbed into his heart. "Open your eyes, and let the truth seep through your veins."


"You can even feel it can't you?" Greg asked Josh as if interrogating him. "Every pain, every emotion, it's almost surreal isn't it?" It was true. Josh could recall everything as if he were actually there. "See, you are trapped in the middle of a war. One that has raged on for thousands of years, unseen by the eyes of any mortal being. Welcome to the war between Heaven and Hell."

"Then just what are you then, the Devil or something?" Josh asked with a sarcastic tone. He knew what he saw was the truth, but he didn't believe it, didn't want to.

Greg laughed. "No, no. I am merely but a mercenary. I take neither side, and yet I take both. See, my boy, all I do is show people the truth. Well, the ones who are meant to know anyway. Then they decide who's side they are going to take."

"Is there any choice that allows anything to go back to the way things were?" Josh asked, in spite of the fact that he knew the answer already. There was never an exit to these damned rabbit holes. Never have been before, and probably never will be. That was just too easy.

Greg shook his head. "Not under these circumstances. The war is one the brink of it's final battle. The souls of all humanity rests upon the result."

James and Allison finally broke from their trance to see Greg in his 'new' self. "What the hell is going on now?" James asked. He just couldn't really stand anymore shit for today. Greg didn't answer James, though. Greg just smiled, and walked over to James and Allison to 'show' them the truth as well.
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