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An erotic meeting between a vampire and his future pet.
Nicole Meets Michael

Nicole stepped out of the shower and dried herself before pulling off the cap that covered her long strawberry-blond hair. It had been a tiring day and all she wanted to do was climb into bed and sleep. She sighed, picked up a hair brush and decided it was better to get the tangles out now. Standing naked before the mirror at the sink, Nicole looked at herself and tried to see what men saw in her. Tall, she often felt like a giant towering over both women and men.

“You’re not too tall,” proclaimed a deep voice. “You’re just right for me.”

Before Nicole could move, she found her wrists held behind her and a hand over her mouth.

“You should see what I see. Very pretty blue eyes, a cute nose with a round tip that should be tapped when your naughty, a perfect mouth…shall I continue?”

Nicole nodded. He could speak to her all day and she’d want to get lost in his voice. It was musical, hypnotic, arrogant and playful. She found herself wanting to see his face.

“No interrupting then.”

The hand covering her mouth lowered and spanned her throat. Nicole found the gesture both protective and sexy. He pulled her closer and she realized he was naked. His skin pressed to her skin. She felt herself becoming aroused. When he rubbed his chin lightly across her shoulder, she knew he was slightly taller than her. Who was this stranger? The whiskers on his face, tickled and she squirmed into him. He chuckled and put his lips to her ear.

“As I was saying, a perfect mouth with luscious lips. Your body is slim and toned, yet you have these beautiful breasts that need to be held and kissed. So many things I could do to them and make you beg me for more. Now look in the mirror and see yourself. Do you see these curls? They hide the treasure that makes you so very feminine.”

His hand skimmed her skin, lightly caressing a breast before moving down her taut stomach and petting the soft triangle of hair above her sex. Stopping all too soon for Nicole, his hand moved to hold her hip. She gasped. His hand was cool, like the hand of her vampire master before he’d fed. She hadn’t noticed that before. She also hadn’t noticed the way his body vibrated with psychic energy. She noticed both now. Perhaps he was like her master.

Neither afraid nor alarmed, she sensed no danger from the intruder. Turning her head, Nicole tried to see him in the mirror and he nuzzled her neck. All she could see was his dark hair. Lips brushing her throat, he whispered and sent shivers down her body.

“You see, slave? You’re beautiful. I’m going to make you mine.”

“I’m not a slave,” she protested.

He nibbled her earlobe and the hand on her hip pressed, grinding his erection into the cheeks of her ass. Nicole felt weak in the knees. Her admirer was overpowering her with his touch and scent. He smelled of leather and horses, a spicy cologne and of something wild and untamed like a jungle cat.

“Over here, little one. To your bed where you belong.”

He guided her across the room. Nicole soon found herself on her back, her head on a pillow. His strong left hand held Nicole’s arms over her head and her captor smiled when she tried to struggle. Her feet became caught in the sheets and he used that to his advantage, placing his knee between her legs. Nicole became very aware of his intentions and renewed her struggles. It was wrong for him to touch her like this. She should have stopped him before, but she didn’t want to. He shook his head in disapproval.

“Stop fighting your master. Have you no manners?”

“Get away from me. You are not my master!”

“That’s enough, slave. Not another word from you in that tone of voice.”

Nicole felt the intruder reaching into her mind, taking over her will and then a sense of calm when he released her psyche. Why was she fighting him? She couldn’t remember. Gazing into his green eyes, she found him quite handsome. Was it an illusion or was he still in her mind?

“Tell me what you see, slave. As if you were speaking to your best friend and I wasn’t here with you. Do you like what you see and feel?”

She nodded with no sense of embarrassment at his request. Nicole knew what she would say to Catherine and she pictured her friend sitting next to her.

“Cat, I met the most amazing man. He’s got curly black hair that makes me want to run my fingers through it. It’s long enough for a pony tail, or a braid. His eyes are like emeralds and when he looks at me, he takes my breath away.”

“Tell me more.”

His husky voice sent chills through her body. Nicole felt herself getting wet. Surely he’d notice. Before she could think about the ramifications of her own lust, he tickled her with his free hand.

“What else?” he asked, further encouraging her to play his game. She grinned for a moment before speaking.

“He’s rugged, with a strong nose and a full mouth and his whiskers tickle when he brushes them against my neck. Where Uncle Stephen reminds me of a little boy, he reminds me of a rough cowboy or a knight in shining armor and I …”

Her face turned a delightful shade of crimson.

“You what?” he asked not so innocently.

“I want to kiss his thick lips. I think I’ve dreamt about kissing him.”

“And his body? Do you like his body?”

Nicole nodded and blushed. This big giant of a man, who claimed to be her master, actually wanted to know what she thought. What could she tell Catherine? She studied her naked captor like she would a work of art. He appeared to be no more than thirty, perhaps in his mid-twenties. He had white skin, not too pale, more like a faded tan and his broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist. His hairless upper body was well formed and muscular, like statues of the ancient Greeks, and not a modern day bodybuilder with exaggerated muscles. When Nicole lowered her eyes, she could see his thick shaft standing at attention. It jutted out from a nest of dark curls and she wanted to touch him, to see what he felt like. She smiled and thought of Goldilocks and the three bears. His cock was not too big, not too small, but just right.

“Please stand up and turn around.”

He laughed at her request. Deep, full, and carefree, his laugh enchanted Nicole.

“Trying to get away from me?”

“I wanted to see your butt. So far you’re a ten in my book and amazingly perfect. I don’t think, I could tell that to Cat, cause she’d be very jealous. And if not, she’d want to know who you are and I don’t think I want to share you. But then, I don’t even know your name.”

“My name is Michael, but you may call me Master.”

He lowered his mouth and kissed Nicole. She could feel the energy between them. The ultimate chemistry that her Aunt Danielle tried to describe that she felt between her and her lifemate, Stephen. And it felt really, really good. Michael claimed her, branding her as his and she wanted him. With fire and passion, Nicole returned the kiss and tried to signal that she wanted more.

His free hand cupped a breast and he kissed her cheek, her neck, pausing to lick and tease. The hand on her breast massaged gently. His talented fingers tweaked a nipple. She moaned and he circled the tip until it hardened, signaling her readiness. He lowered his lips and suckled her breast. His mouth, his fingers, his touch, all of him, fed her arousal like never before. She watched him tasting her. He raised his green eyes. She thought Michael’s possessive look and his mouth on her breast were the most erotic things she had ever seen. She felt like a firestorm flowed through her veins.

“Please…Michael…let me touch you.”

She wiggled under him, spreading her legs and blatantly offering herself to this total stranger.

“Try again, slave.”

“Stop calling me that. I am not a slave,” she hissed. “Get off me, if you can’t treat me with respect.”

“Little one, so young and naïve, of course you’re my slave. Call me Master or you’ll earn your first spanking.”


“I warned you.”

Michael easily flipped her over and laid her across his lap. Wriggling and squirming, Nicole felt his erection poking into her stomach and she couldn’t get away. She wasn’t sure she wanted to. Her hands were in front of her, held in his left hand, and she was very aware of her nakedness. Very aware of her skin touching his. He put his right hand on the small of her back and pressed.

“That feels nice, slave, but you’d best stay still for this.”

“Let me go!”

“That’s please let me go, Master,” he corrected with a hint of laughter in his voice and she tried again. He was only playing, wasn’t he?

“Master Michael, please let me go.”

“And you’ll be a good slave.”

“Dammit! I am not your slave! I’d be happy to be your pet, but I’m nobody’s slave.”

“It’s all semantics, little one. In time, you’ll understand that it’s not the words, but what they mean.”

She shook her head, trying to get him to understand, to see that this was wrong.

“No, it’s more than that. You can’t just come in my bedroom and declare that I’m your slave, like I’m a piece of furniture with no value. I won’t be your play toy!”

“That’s enough, slave. I know your thoughts, but you don’t understand your own value.”

“Grrr!” She growled to emphasize her anger. “Let go of me!”

“I think not.”

His hand came down hard on her right cheek and Nicole yelped into the bedding. Another blow to her left cheek and she pressed her lips tightly together. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of hearing her cry out. Right cheek, left cheek, back and forth, his open hand spanked her bottom over and over again in different spots. It seemed he would never end. Nicole found herself panting from the hits. The pain turned into something else. It turned into something that frightened her. She shouldn’t like this, should she?

Michael lightened the blows. Nicole’s head buzzed. Aware of his movements, of her own body reaching for sexual release, she struggled to stay in the moment. She felt high as if she floated and yet her groin was tingling, spreading warmth through her core. She whimpered in frustration. If he didn’t stop, he was going to make her come like this. It would be embarrassing for him to know what affect his actions had produced.

Just when Nicole thought she couldn’t take it anymore, that the next blow would set off a climax, he stopped. Sighing, she went limp. She felt his hand caressing her hot and swollen bottom, then moving lower. He gently tapped her inner thigh. Nicole parted her legs and heard the sharp intake of his breath.

“Little one, you smell delicious. This was supposed to be a punishment.”

Now she was embarrassed. What could she say to defend herself? Nothing.

“Confused, slave? Not everybody enjoys playing rough. It’s a gift and I’ll cherish you more for it.”

His hand spread the wetness on her thigh. The pads of his fingers moved a little higher and brushed across her tender lips. Nicole stayed absolutely still, her mind and body fighting an inner battle. She should try to stop him, but she wanted him to keep touching her.

Very lightly, Michael stroked the wet lips of her sex and then brought his fingers to his mouth. Nicole turned her head to watch him, waiting to see what he would do. Michael sniffed his fingers. Watching her, watching him, he licked them as if tasting a fine dessert.

“Mmm, sweet like honey. Have you ever tasted yourself?”

She shook her head. He lowered his hand, dipping into her wetness again. Nicole couldn’t stop herself from moaning as he stroked her clit. He gently rubbed the little bud in small circles and increased the pressure when she arched away from his hand.

“Don’t fight it, my pleasure slave. I want you to come for me.”

“Not a … pleasure slave,” she denied in a whisper as if reminding herself. “I’m a … virgin.”

Michael found just the right spot and pressed. Nicole whimpered. He’d just spanked her and she craved his touch as if this was perfectly normal.


She paused in confusion, undecided if she was asking him to stop or continue.

“Hush, let it wash over you. Give me your pleasure so I can taste it.”

There was a hint of compulsion to his magical voice, yet still Nicole didn’t sense any danger. His hand fondled her and she stopped wanting to think.

“That’s it, little one. Feel me touching you. Give yourself to me.”

The familiar sensation built in her core, just like when her vampire master fed from her. Nicole might be a virgin, but she wasn’t an innocent when it came to feeding her emotions to a demon. Her master wasn’t satisfied unless she climaxed for him when he fed. And now Michael, with his cool hands, was doing the same thing to her and she wanted to do his bidding.

His hand pressed a little harder. Shattering, calling out his name, she saw lights and rainbows. Before she could recover, Michael laid her on her back and nudged her knees open. Nicole stared into his eyes. Once green, they had turned golden and were glowing. His fangs had descended and she knew he was hungry, yet she had no fear. She thought him more attractive than before.

Once again, Michael captured her hands and moved them over her head. Nicole didn’t fight him. A bemused look crossed her face. She wondered why he felt it necessary to restrain her.

“Little one, you are mine.”

With a hand on her cheek, he used the words of her family and claimed her. If she acknowledged the claim, she would betray her master. She knew what he wanted. He wanted her to acknowledge the claim, to willingly place herself under his protection. She couldn’t do it. She belonged to someone else. Tears welled up in her eyes. Nicole wanted him, but Michael was forbidden. She shook her head and he kissed her, his lips coaxing her to say what she couldn’t. When he looked at her, she felt his vulnerability and anguish that she would deny him.

“I belong to Master Nikolai,” she whispered. “Please understand it’s not right. Only my master can give me to you. You have to ask or challenge him.”

He nodded and she saw the relief on his face.

“Then I will make it right. We were meant for one another. Do you want me?”

Nicole nodded and he thrust into her and held still. She gasped. Instead of the pain she expected there was only pleasure. She’d never wanted anything or anyone more than this. Leaning forward, Nicole kissed Michael and felt the rightness of him. She belonged with him and wanted him with every fiber of her being. Her legs wrapped around him and she tried to force him in deeper.

“Slow down, little one. I’m trying not to hurt you.”

“Please Michael … I need you. I’m burning up.”

“As you wish,” he responded through clenched teethe. “Tell me if I hurt you and I’ll stop.”

Michael shifted his body and using strokes that were long and sure, he brought Nicole to the brink of another orgasm. She pressed herself into him, meeting him as best as she could with her hands over her head and Michael thrust a little harder. Nicole called out his name and shattered on his hard shaft. He didn’t slow down.

“That’s it, little one. Give me another one. Come with me.”

His thumb rubbed her clit in small circles and he gave her no time to calm down from her sexual and psychic high. Around and around, his thumb circled. His cock pumped in and out of her in a matching rhythm. He gently nipped her shoulder and Nicole had her first full body orgasm. He climaxed right along with her. The sensations went from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. The aftershocks were as pleasant as the foreplay. For a moment, only the sound of their panting filled the room.

“Please … I want,” Nicole began.

“Shhh, I know.”

Releasing her arms, he raised himself, but left his shaft inside of her. Nicole lowered her hands and reached into his soft hair. Yes, that’s what she wanted. She wanted to touch him.

Nicole caressed his face, his firm shoulders and finally ran her hands down his muscular chest. Every touch brought a new sensation, a new jolt of pleasure between them and his eyes never left hers. Michael was devouring her with his eyes and she smiled.

“May I please kiss you again?”

Nodding, Michael lowered his head and shifted his weight to trap her hands between their chests. Nicole felt his cock stirring with her. It was hard and demanding. It seemed his recovery time was zero, like many of the vampires in her master’s family. Not that she should know that little fact, or that she should be thinking it, but she finally realized why she recognized his smell. He smelled like her master.

“Are you thinking about me, pet?”

“Oh, yes!”


His lips lightly brushed across hers and the electricity raced through her, setting off another wildfire. He parted her lips with his tongue and she opened her mouth. His tongue swept inside. She squeezed her legs around him. Michael’s taste and smell engulfed her and she playfully sucked on his tongue. That set off a moan and she liked his reaction. As their tongues danced, imitating the act of love they had just consummated, her fingernails dug lightly into his chest. Abruptly, Michael raised his head and roared. The sound echoed through her bedroom.

“Is my tiger upset or happy?” she asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Happy,” he murmured and sniffed her hair and neck. “You smell like strawberries and cream and of the forest. You must be a nymph.”

“Do you like my smell?”


Michael nipped her shoulder and Nicole lay passively beneath him. He roared again, louder this time and she raised her head to kiss his lips and quiet the beast that she had awakened. A purring sound came from deep and low in his chest. It was a loud rumbling that filled her ears and made her want to join him. His hands tightened on her shoulders and he kissed her roughly. Instead of pulling away, she pressed herself into him and returned his passion with her own. She could kiss him forever. Slowly, he raised his head and caressed her cheek.

“You should be afraid of me.”

“Is that what you want?”

There was a moment of silence and she held her breath, waiting. She knew that many vampires fed on fear and enjoyed the taste as more than any other emotion.

“No, I don’t," he admitted quietly.

A sigh of relief and her blue eyes studied his green ones. He was open, vulnerable, filled with lust, desire and something she couldn't name. Something wild in him called to her. She craved him. It was too much to hope that he felt the same way. When she smiled, it made his body harder. Boldly, she leaned forward to sniff his masculine scent. He tightened the grip on her shoulders. It hurt, but she didn't struggle. Was she to be his prey or not? The decision was his to make. She couldn't escape if she wanted to and she wouldn't call out for help. It was too late for either of them.

“If you don't want me to be afraid of you…" she paused.

He said nothing, watching her intently.

"…then… what do you want?”

“You, little one. I want you. Love me. Live with me. Be my pet.”

"Yes, please." The happiness was spilling out of her. "Can you love me, too?"

"How could I not love you?"

He moved then, slowly rocking his hips, and Nicole shuddered from the pleasure. As if he was her master, she turned her head and offered Michael her throat. His hips moved just a little faster and his fingers dug into her shoulders. It was a combination of pleasure and pain that confused Nicole and she didn’t know if she wanted him to loosen his grip. It felt so right to be held by him, to feel his warm breath on her neck. Deciding for her, Michael moved his hands to bunch her hair and nuzzled her neck.

“Little one, you have to tell me when I hurt you. You’re human and you’ll have bruises in the morning.”

Though he tried to chastise her, but she couldn’t hear his words, only his husky voice.

“My slave, my little one, so innocent and sweet, I have to taste you now. I have to claim you.”

He licked her neck, his words registered somewhere in her mind, and she felt his fangs lightly skimming back and forth. His cock pumped to the same rhythm of his teasing and she ground herself into him. Nicole opened her eyes and saw the shadow at the far end of the room. Her heart beat wildly. She had sensed the danger far too late.

“Please, Michael, stop! It’s not allowed. He’ll kill you.”

Terrified for her captor, Nicole panicked. Her fear replaced all sense of enjoyment, yet she didn’t fear for herself. She’d seen Nikolai tear vampires apart when his property or family was attacked. Michael was signing a death warrant for attempting to stake his claim without a proper challenge.

“Please, Master, don’t hurt him! It was my fault!”

Nikolai grabbed Michael by throat and pulled him away from her. Though Michael was the larger of the two, the ancient Nikolai had age and power on his side. Nikolai’s anger covered Nicole. She screamed her throat raw before everything went black.


Her screams jolted Michael from his deep sleep. He sat quickly, ready for a fight. The bedchamber was empty, the magical wards he used for protection were secure and in place. Michael laid down on his king-sized bed and thought of the girl with strawberry-blond hair and deep blue eyes. The dream was too real. Her taste was on his lips and her scent on his body. He looked at his erection, expecting to see her virgin blood on his hard shaft and was relieved when it wasn’t.

Somewhere, a girl was crying for him and he would find her. No, more than a girl. She was a brave tigress and a young innocent all wrapped in a beautiful package. A treasure to be cherished and protected. A companion to savor. She was steamy nights of hot sex and playful lovemaking and she wanted him. A mate for him? Was it possible after more than 800 years for him to find someone who would love him and the demon within? More importantly, did he find someone that he could love unconditionally?

Michael swore to himself. He’d been so hungry for her that he didn’t ask her name. And she didn’t think it. Replaying the dream, he looked for clues that would help him find his mystery virgin and felt a calm wash over him. The demonic part of him craved her as much as his soul. Michael decided to start his search with the only vampire he knew named Nikolai, his sire.


Through her window, Nicole could see the sun rising over the beach. Her father didn’t bother to knock. Instead he walked into the room and sat on her bed. She didn’t want to look up, afraid to see the anger on his face. Well, not the anger. More like the disappointment. She didn’t know if she’d been screaming in her sleep or broadcasting her dreams to the rest of the household. Neither was a pleasant thought.

Her father, Jesse Heyes, had obviously been up for awhile. He was dressed in blue jeans and a dark t-shirt without shoes or socks. She giggled aloud, wondering what Michael would think of her father. While she grew older each year, he didn’t. His body had been frozen in time when he was a mere 25 years old. He had been mated to a vampire and turned into a halfling, a human with vampiric blood and strength, in the 1800’s. She wondered whether Michael was older or younger than her father.

“Nikki, are you all right?”

Looking into his blue eyes, she shook her head. His shoulder length, honey blond hair fell in waves to his broad shoulders. He hadn’t had time to brush it. Maybe he hadn’t been awake as long as she thought. She giggled again then choked back a sob.

Jesse opened his arms and she cuddled into him. He held her like a small child, rocking Nicole softly while she let the memory of her time with Michael sink into her consciousness. Her sadness overwhelmed her and she cried for the loss of a man she’d never met.

“Nikki, honey, it’s okay. I’m here. It was just a dream.”

“No, Dad, it was real and he wanted me. Nikolai killed him.”

“Who wanted you?”


“Think very carefully. Did you see Nikolai kill him?”

She shook her head again and her father rubbed her back.

“If you liked him, that’s a good sign. Later, when you’re feeling up to it, I want you to show us your dream. Okay?”

“Us” meant her father, mother, and her vampire master. Us meant reading her thoughts and watching her dream as if they were her, experiencing it. Us wasn’t going to happen. She quickly pulled out of his arms.

“I…I can’t show you that!”

“Jessica Nicole Heyes, just what rating was this dream?”

Her face reddened and her father raised a knowing eyebrow.


“Triple X for sure.”

“Perhaps I should kill this one myself,” he joked and tickled Nicole.

She squealed in delight and tickled his ribs, knowing that her father would laugh and play with her. He always made her feel safe. Up until this moment in time, she had thought she could tell him anything, but now she wasn’t as sure. Abruptly, a look of horror crossed her face.

“Dad, don’t you dare tell Mom about this dream!”

“It’s too late, honey. Your mom sent me in here. She says when your ready to talk, she’ll listen.”

“Oh.” Nicole shook her head. The joys of living in a psychic family were never ending. “Thanks, Dad. I’m now beyond embarrassed.”

They both laughed. Jesse gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed for the door.

“See you at breakfast, honey. I’ll drop you off at the university today and if you’re feeling braver you can tell me about this Michael in private.”

She nodded.

“If he’s real, not just a dream…”

“You want to know if he can claim you.”

Jesse made it a statement, not a question. He knew. He always seemed to know what she needed or wanted.


“Not just anyone can claim my baby. He will have to prove himself worthy.”

He sighed. His eyes showing the wisdom that came from seeing things others couldn’t imagine.

“If he is worthy, and he is your choice, then and only then, will I give my blessing. Let’s hope for the best.”

He stood and walked towards the hallway.

“Dad, thanks for understanding.”

Turning, he grinned and winked. Waves of happiness radiated from her father. He did his best to wrap her in his psychic cocoon, yet they both knew that she wasn’t a baby anymore.

“You’re most welcome, my princess. Your humble servant can do no other.”

Laughing, Nicole tossed a pillow at him. She missed and it bounced off the door as it shut. Her smile turned to a frown. She felt a sense of loss that she couldn’t explain. Joking with her father had helped, but now… The tears came unbidden. What was wrong with her? Tentatively, Nicole reached out with her psychic energy to find the man in her dreams. It seemed she had taken this mental path before. It was familiar, comforting and somewhat unexpected.

Michael’s determination to find her flashed into her mind. She could smell him. She felt his mind reading out for her own. Joy replaced sadness in a single heartbeat. He was real.


His face entered her vision. His eyes locked onto hers.

“I’m coming for you, pet. Fear not and be ready.”

And thus, the courtship of Michael and Nicole began.


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