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She sees the world in different colors...
Morgana sees the red. It comes with the sounds of her parents arguing. Dad stumbling home drunk as a skunk, reeking of cheap whiskey and stale scotch. It comes in the laughter from the hallways at Crimson High, the label of being Goth, of getting a D in her Chemistry test. A total failure. It comes in the looks she receives when she goes to the grocery store, from 'proper' families, the managers, and the cashiers. It comes in the slow roll of the police cruiser that follows her all the way home - never stopping, yet always watching.

         You know...just to make sure.

Morgana sees the black. It comes in the deafening silence of her sanctuary, when she blocks out the sound of the screams from her parents. It comes when she pretends she does not feel the blows rained upon her as she cowers in a corner. It comes when she's pushed against lockers, her gym clothes are stolen, and ugly words are thrown in her direction. It comes when the police question her incessantly for a crime she did not commit.

         You know...just to make sure.

Morgana sees the white. It comes in the small orange plastic container. It had cost her a month's savings. It comes in the secretive smile on her face, making her almost beautiful as she ignores the curious looks thrown her way, even when her lunch is kicked to the floor. She doesn't care anymore. It comes in the solace of her room as she swallows the tiny pills and lies on her bed, as tears of relief spring to her eyes while Amy Lee belts out a dirge from the radio. It comes when the police pay a visit and eventually take her body away.

         You know...when they are absolutely, positively, sure.

Word Count: 300

Note: Amy Lee is the lead singer for the band Evanescence.
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