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Kittens Merlin, Star and Zebedee are sick.... but will they take their medicine?
Old Ma Nell.

Old Ma Nell Visits The Vet

The Kits were sneezing all night long,
Old Nellie said "I know what's wrong,
It looks like you've all got the flu,
A visit to the Vet for you!"

"My big old pram will hold you all,
I've kept it since my kids were small."
Nell trundled it along the road,
With Moon to help her push the load.

They went to see kind Doctor Pam,
Who was amazed to see the pram.
She looked at all the poorly Kits,
Then crushed some powders into bits.

"I'll give you all a dose," she said.
"Then Nell must put you straight to bed."
Young Star took hers as she was told,
And Merlin was as good as gold.

But Zebedee just spat his out,
Which made poor Nellie jump and shout.
"You are a naughty boy!" she cried.
"He'll have to have a jab," Pam sighed.

Nell wheeled them home and tucked them in.
Moon purred beside them with a grin.
With tender care from Old Ma Nell,
Those precious Kittens soon got well.

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