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Tells the one of many of the tales of Shadow-Angel.
                                    The Legend of Shadow-Angel (Part 1)
                                              By: Travis Gaugler

    To love but not be loved. To hate but not be hated. To remember but not be remembered. To hunt but not be hunted. To save but not be saved. To hold but not be held. To steal from but not be stolen from. To thank but not be thanked. To fight but not be fought. To kill but not be not be killed.  These are just merely memories. But these memories are not the memories of any average person you would find on the streets. No. Oh no. Oh no. These are the memories of the famed Shadow-Angel. A Half-Breed of royal heritage. Born as King of all of the lands and cities of Conquer. But unlike most kings he was hated. People have tried to kill him when they see him. But we will get to that later. For now let’s get to the story.

         It was a late night. One of many. For the past month Shadow-Angel has been studying in his small room hidden among the highest branches of the trees around Phoenix City. You see there has been an up rise of Bandits, HawKings, Fire Spirits, and all the other monsters in Maple Forest and New Forest. They have ben leading numerous raids on Phoenix City killing many and severely injuring others. Few have stood up against the monster raids. But no one knows who these unknown shrouded fighters are all they know are that there is five of them.

    The first one is and Archer of deadly accuracy and power. The second is a Toist of great elemental power. The third is a Warrior of unhuman strength and  flexibility. The fourth is a Trojan with uncanny speed. But the fifth one, their leader. Now the fifth everybody is confused about.
    See the first time they saw the shrouded leader it was using a very powerful spear to fend off the Bandits. Stabbing them in their neck killing them on contact. So they thought he was another Warrior. But they were wrong. For the second time they saw who they later found out was a him. He was flying through the air shooting the HawKings in the heart with a very powerful shot. So they assumed he was an Archer with the strength of a Warrior. But again they were wrong. Because the third time they saw him he was among the wreckage with the Toist reviving the dead and healing the wounded while their comrades fended off the Fire Spirits. So once again they were baffled.
    Until the fourth time they saw him. You see the fourth time they saw him he was back to back with the Trojan utterly destroying the Bandit leaders, Hawkings, Elf lords, and the TomeBats in a slash. So they just called him the Dragon God. And his comrades the Gods of the Gods. But after the fifth attack the shrouded  fighters walked over to the Phoenix City Generals, Coaches, and villagers.

Dragon God - “In the past few weeks we have fought back the first five of the deadly raids led by the monsters of Maple Forest.” “But our strength is dwindling. We can not continue doing this alone we need to improve the defense of the city.”

Archer God of Gods - “We need to build traps and set them up around the city.”

Trojan God of Gods - “What we also need to do is teach everyone how to fight with sword, club, axe, spear, glave, poleaxe, scepter, hook, bow, backsword, or magic so everyone can fight back.”

Toist God of Gods - “ Everyone should learn how to heal or fight with magic.”

Warrior God of Gods - “ I can teach some how to make weapons and armor, traps and spikes, and gates and walls to help defend the city.”

Dragon God - “ If we work together we can save our city. Out home. And drive back the monsters. Now are you with us!”

General Wu - “If it saves our city. Yes, I’m in.”

A Woman of Heavenly Beauty - “ If it will stop the raids. Yes I’m with you.”

An Old Man - “ Yes I will help.”

And the remaining villagers of Phoenix City “ Yes we’re with you!”

Dragon God - “ Then for our city. For the ones we lost! And for our families, friends, and loved ones!”

That night Shadow-Angel ( Dragon God) sat with his comrades Kylin (Toist God of Gods), Kristal (Archer God of Gods), Eathos (Trojan God of Gods), and Lunar (Warrior God of Gods) at his desk next to the blazin’ fire planing out the traps, the gates, the walls/barriers, and how many they would need of each class to end the upraise and fight their way to victory.  They worked late into the night while everyone was busy getting some supplies for the next day.

Lunar - “ How are we supposed to find out how many per a class we can have if we don’t know how many of use are left?”

Eathos - “She has a very good point. I mean we could under estimate and not have enough supplies or over estimate and end up dyeing.”

Kristal - “ Yes you both have a very good point but luckily I counted how many people were alive when we were talking to them.”
Kylin - “Well them don’t keep it a secret woman! Tell us!”

Shadow-Angel - “ Calm down Kylin. We’re all very tired. I’m sure she just forgot to tell us in all the confusion.”

Kristal - “Thank you Shadow. Actually I counted more than I expected. Not including all the generals and coaches it was 60. Including them It’s 89.”

Eathos and Lunar - “ Alright Kristal!”

Shadow-Angel - “Alright now that really helps.”

Kylin - “ So how many per. a class can we have?”

Kristal - “ Lets see 89 divided by 4. I’d say about 22.”

Shadow-Angel - “Ahh sounds good to me.”**Short pause** “Alright everyone lets hit the sack.”

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