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by Samar
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Take it in...Think about it...and answer me
It all happened so fast. How quickly they came for her. Knocking everything around them to clear their way. It was her that took the spotlight. She was the spotlight and all eyes were focused on her. She was stuck in her own pool of accusations and everywhere she turned she saw nothing but fingers pointing straight in her direction.
Where could she go? How can she explain herself? What can she possibly say when the people that she thought had cared for her the most were the first ones to turn their back. Life is too short for her to spend the time that she's got wondering. Thinking about what she could have honestly done wrong and how she can fix the object that she never once in her life laid hands on.
Why is she their primary goal? Why can't they leave her alone and give her a chance to live? Why is it that everytime she finally manages to open a locked door, five more slam in her face? What is she to do?

Any suggestions?
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