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by KimChi
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A melange of Candlemas memories. PWC Imbolc contest.
Faltering footsteps on the threshold,
blind and bound, in blue embrace.
Shuffle silently in circle…
Show the Old Ones now your face.

Brightening bundles burning near;
willow wand aloft in ease.
Will you inhale the healing hope,
breathe in the Muse’s song of peace?

Fluttering flame beneath the fingers;
quickening climax of desire.
Will you share the shimmering ash-
divine the signs of Brigid’s fire?

Seashells sing inside the psyche;
Devas swirl the sweet demand:
Will you bridge the surging waters-
straddle worlds upon the strand?

Sacred soil assails the senses,
ghosted Guardians gather round.
Will you sow the grains of justice-
mend the maw of milkened ground?

Feather falling on the forehead;
spirals spark the seer within.
Will you brave the ancient maze-
call the centering Sage again?

Arching arms arise in wonder;
eager eyes salute this day.
Dance in joyous jubilation-
greet the Gods to which you pray.

Note: A description of an Ordination ceremony, which traditionally occurs on or around Imbolc/Candlemas, February 1st/2nd. The new Priestess (or Priest) is both challenged and blessed by the 5 elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. Many times they assume a new name. In good standing, Spiral Grove ordained Clergy have the same responsibilities as all faith leaders (counsel, rites of passage, etc.) , and are encouraged to obtain a license to wed in their state. The Spiral Grove is a non-profit with 501 c3 status.


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