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I gave my students the assignment of writing on Black and I wrote also as usual.

Black is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr who fought with words for the acceptance of the blackness of you and I.
Black is Malcom X who’d go toe to toe with any man to be heard, willing to fight, willing to die.
Black is Tiger Woods becoming the greatest in an all white sport
Showing the world that we are capable of going beyond the turf and the court
Black is Dominique Dawes who tumbled her way into the hearts of many as she represented the USA
Black is Condaleeza Rice who stood by our president’s side making decisions, if only Dr. King could have seen this day.
Black is Venus and Serena Williams dominating the sport of tennis
Something many hadn’t seen since the days of Arthur Ashe, and when he died, they thought we were finished.
Black is Oprah Winfrey who is unlike the Maury and Jerry Springer Show
Black is Montel Williams, like Oprah showing blacks the way to go.
Black is TD Jakes on tv preaching what’s right
Black is Spike Lee, the first given the chance to produce movies, another freedom for which many had to fight.
Black doesn’t always have to be wrapped in negativity
Because when I consider black, I think of wealth, strength and beauty.
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