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Steve says he's not a poet...I beg to differ. Excerpt from Alwyn & Pomona campfire.
[Steve Ellen] Steev the Friction Wizurd

Meanwhile, back at the lake, James, Archer, Robert, Pomona, and Gretchen formed a party of five, and began slowly walking their horses towards the castle of Rodney, the Earl of Bullingame. Robert began to sing...

One day as I was walking far
A small lake I did spy,
And in the lake two water sprites
Quite lovely to my eye.

I drew my sword and held it up
The sun flashed on it bright;
The sprites did see me standing there
And sudden they took fright.

"Oh, mighty warrior!" called the one
"Wouldst kill me while I swim?"
"Nay!" said I, "I mean no harm;"
Said the other, "I trust him."

I stripped off armor, sword and shield,
Into the lake I dove;
The sprites and I did playful swim
To a secret hidden cove.

"This secret hole I did not know,"
I whispered to the sprite;
"You have my lasting gratitude
For showing me this sight."

"Oh warrior, it's enchanted here,"
Said the sprite with hair of gold;
"And those who deeply, deeply swim,
They never will grow old."

I held my air and thrust down deep
Until I felt near death:
Then popped back upwards like a cork
And gasped for one more breath.

"Again! Again!" the sprites called out
And down and up I went,
Until my strength was all used up
And every breath was spent.

Then lay we three on a sun-baked rock
And pressed each others arms,
And legs and hands and pretty toes
While I praised their many charms.

Pomona suddenly said, "That is a lovely song but I think you should stop singing it now."

James chuckled. "But he hasn't gotten to the best part yet."

"Nevertheless, I would like to hear another, different song, but perhaps he does not know any song but that one of the sprites?"

Robert smiled. "I did not know that one until today, M'Lady, but yes, I know many songs and I will sing you another."

[destinydances] destinydances

Gretchen remained appropriately impressed, "That man is an utter god," she mused inside, beaming at Robert and batting her eyelashes.

"I much prefer the first, but I'll sing you this one just for fun," he offered.

Oh lovely lady why art thou
a damsel in distress?
Why is your hair in shortened style?
Where did you lose your dress?

Pay no mind, dear handsome sire
(most handsome of you three),
it matters not the where and why...
and please don't sing to me.

So spoke the regal lady
who might like to crush my pride,
but my courage, it was urged on up
by the beauty at her side.

Oh, Robert, please do sing to me,
such happiness it brings.
Her boy clothes looked so good on her
it urged up other things.


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