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Organised terrorism let loose on innocents is sure to be avenged.

I am the mirror of time.
In me you see the past.
But images of future
In me I also cast.

Here you see Spanish soldiers,
In uniform and brass,
Let loose their vilest terror
On innocent Mayas.

Here in Jallianwala Bagh,
British General Dyer
Opens on innocent men,
Who are unarmed, gunfire.

And here in Sri Lanka and
Kashmir and Palestine,
Terrorists kill and maim by
Human bombs and landmine.

And here is Nine Eleven,
The twin tower collapse,
Embodying the foulest
Act of terror perhaps.

I am the mirror of time.
I have shown you so far
Past terrorist acts but the
Future is still ajar.

Here is US invading
North Korea, Iran,
Raining rockets, bombs on them
To fulfil its own plan.

In this final scene you see
Orphaned children avenge
Their parents’ death, when they grow,
By terrorist revenge.

* Written in abcb, 7-6-7-6 format.

* Originally written as entry no. 464274 in 950703 WAR POETRY

* When this was written, US was contemplating war on Iran and North Korea

M C Gupta
25 October 2006
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