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by embe
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The plight of Abused Children
The cacophonous sound
Of children screaming incoherently
As they stumble and tumble into themselves
Like circus clowns
Flying through the air
Reminds me of where I am.

Born in a poem
On the lips of a song
The desperate urge to hold
A child of my own.

This recurring dream
Festers on in my brain
With excruciating pain
As I see the plight of child abuse
In a world gone mad.

What can I do?
Turn and walk the other way
Like so many others do
Or stay and adopt a child today.

What will you say?
Try and find the parent's.
I have my doubts
They are lost and sad in a world gone mad:

Now we turn to God to pray
That he will change the world today,
Where children can laugh and play
And not be hurt in any way;

Come? I invite you;
Be part of the solution.
By the power of the pen
Let’s unite and write,

Exposing this cancer
That grows all over the world,
Destroying the legacy of our children
For future generations to come.

Dare we ignore this call?
At our peril I would say.
Donate your dollars today,
The best gift for Christmas
In Sympathy for Abused Children.

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