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The terror war and the approach of the US towards it.

Worms of terror grow yet more,
The more we try to check.
Jihadis are keen to put
In the noose their own neck.

The so called terror war is
Getting rather stagnant.
But the US president
Will not a bit repent!

Sending troops to Iraq was
A miscalculation.
Soldiers are now bogged down there.
What an aberration!

The possibility that
Marines will come back soon,
Is almost as much as of
Seeing the moon at noon.

Terror cannot be fought while
One of the eyes is closed.
Terror acts of allies should
Never have been endorsed.

Worms of terror are, well, worms
That poison the whole world.
Even at their own master,
Their poison will be hurled.

• Written in abcb, 7-6-7-6 syllabic format

M C Gupta
15 July 2007
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