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A Princess Ghost who can't cross over. I am writing as her. .
I am Princess Adrienne. At least I was. I was married to the man of my dreams, a knight named Quentin. I died in child birth but the baby died with me. I was unable to have the baby. The baby was backwards and wasn't able to be turned to normal position. I have been roaming the castle estate for three years. My knight Quentin hasn't remarried. I was nineteen winters when I died. Quentin was twenty-one winters. I watch over him all the time. He was badly injured in a battle last year and I was there to heal him with roses that I mixed with herbs. He wasn't able to see me but he had a raging fever and called out my name. Yes. He loves me still even though I am dead. I can't cross over to the other side. My baby has and I will see him or her someday when I cross over. I don't want to cross over, yet. That would mean never seeing Quentin again. I won't be able to bear that. I share his bed when he sleeps at night but of course he can't see me. I see my white cat Iris all the time. She can see me. I pet her and she sits in my lap and recently let me see her new kittens. Some are white and some are gray tabby cats with green eyes. They are so cute.

At night, I ride my black horse Dark Lord through the woods but I make sure he is back before day light in his stable. I show myself to my horse and my cat and her kittens. I would like for Quentin to see me but I feel he would be confused so I stay in the shadows. Sometimes, I wish my spirit would rest but I want to be with Quentin. Sometimes, he calls out my name in his sleep. He was so happy that we were having a baby but he was so sad and begged me not to die. I had no way to stop my self from dying. it. The mid wife Lucy couldn't save me or the baby. Father locked her in the dungeon. It isn't her fault. I try to tell father but he can't hear me. Quentin dreams about me and I it is my spirit that he hugs and kisses but when he wakes up, it was just a dream for him. At least I can be with him this way. He even makes love to me in his dreams. I love him and he loves me. Why should I cross over? I can be with Quentin at least in his dreams.

Father had a ball and feast at the castle. Mother looks so sad. Father cheats on her with the young chamber maids and ladies-in-waiting. This is a shame. Rosie, a lady-in-waiting has been flirting with Quentin and he has been dancing with her. I pulled her hair and she felt it. She spilled wine on her dress thanks to me. I loved tipping her glass of wine on her green pretty dress. How dare her dance with my husband! He is so gorgeous with dark black hair and blue piercing eyes. He always told me I was the most beautiful woman in the land. I have red hair and green eyes. Quentin always said he could get lost in my eyes and making love to me was like being in Heaven. Rosie left the ball. What a shame. The Noble's daughter Eileen has asked my Quentin to dance. It is too bad that she slipped and hurt her ankle. I am not evil but no other woman is allowed to have Quentin. He is still mine. Quentin is sitting down having a drink. The women have left him alone. My work is done for this night.

Quentin dreamed of me again last night and we made mad passionate love. I wish I was still with him on earth. Today, the knights go out into battle. My spirit will be there.

The battle is gruesome and so many men have been wounded and killed. I just saw Quentin get a sword pierce his chest. It is in his heart! He could die! I can't save him. The last time was a leg injury. This time, he suffered a wound to his heart. "Adrienne!" I go by his side to hold his hand. "I love you. Please don't die!"

"Adrienne, you're here. I have missed you so much. Please don't leave. Stay with me."

He can see me! "Darling, I have always been here. I love you. I will always be my your side."

I watch as my Quentin dies. His soul leaves his body. Finally, we are together. He looks at me and whispers: "Adrienne, is it really you? I love you so very much."

"Yes, it is really me. You died, Quentin. We can truly be together. I love you with all my heart."

The two ghost lovers kiss and hug. They walk arm in arm together to a castle in the sky. They finally get to see their child. A baby boy. He has dark black hair like his father and green eyes like his mother. Adrienne has finally crossed over. Their spirits have found peace and happiness for eternity. The parents kiss their baby as the baby cools. He, too has waited along time for his mother. They will now be a family and together forever.
Beautiful Marie Antionette in a red dress by best friend Angel.

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