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A semi erotic love story between a size changing giant and a normal anthro.
Love before 1st growth

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This story was originally hosted on www.macrophile.com but that version could not be edited so it is not as good as this one.  However this story was the most viewed story on the entire site and was posted 3 chapters a week so was not intended to be read in one sitting.  However people did post in to say they’d thought it so good they’d done just that.

I have asked permission from rogue to mention him in this story.  He said yes provided I spelt it right.  if I missed any miss spellings I ask that he refrains from swimming across the channel with the explicit intension of squishing me while I sleep or swallowing me whole so I can boil painfully in his stomach juices whilst suffocating (I admit it I cant spell very well but it's not worth dying over) p.s if anyone spies any errors just pm me and I’ll correct them.  I also apologise in advance if I offend anyone. (This may apply to lovers of vore I’m not sure)

Chapter 1

Anrill looked down at the people below her as she sat unnoticed on the suspension bridge.  Her head rested on her car sized hands as she studied the people walking along the pavement below, blissfully unaware of her beady canine eyes scanning them critically.  Little did they know that sitting above them was a gigantic canine sitting on a suspension bridge, wearing jean shorts, a red shirt and a gold bracelet that you could fit a car through.  A canine that possessed a large fluffy brown tale that was as long as a small train and a pair of breasts bigger than a house.

The only reason they didn’t know this was because she was in her own words “ghosted.”  This meant that not only was she invisible to these people, but that they couldn’t touch her.  Which was probably just as well because her bum spanned all four lanes on the bridge upon which she was sitting and her feet did pretty much the same on the road below.  This ability also came in handy when encountering the military, as there shells and missiles went straight through her.  The only things that could see or touch her in this state were other macro’s, fellow “ghosters” and as she was told by her father, someone who returned feelings of love as well.  Though she didn’t believe such drivel, especially as all her boyfriends up to this point had most definitely not been able to.

The sound of honking, screams and crashes made her look up from the floor to the horizon.
“Hey Anrill there you are I’ve been looking all over for you.”
She looked behind her to see her friend Amy waving to her over the top of a tall building, which obscured her from the neck down not five blocks away. She raised her hand and waved back.

A smile spread across Amy’s beautiful grey wolven features.  She bent down out of sight for a moment, before walking out onto the main street, totally ignoring the total chaos she was wreaking on the normal sized occupants below.  Anrill winced as she saw Amy’s foot come crashing down on a car below.
“Gees Amy, watch where you’re treading.”
Amy spread her arms innocently “what?”
Anrill pointed to the floor below.
Amy dropped the small bag she was carrying onto the pavement.  Well small in proportion to her, truth was you could fit a buss in it with room to spare. She looked down and lifted her foot.

“So?  There only tiny’s”
Anrill rolled her eyes and shook her head at her 12 story high friend and her jaw dropped
“Amy? What are you wearing?”
Amy looked surprised.
“Why? don’t you like it?” she said spreading her arms and twirled slowly on the spot.
She was wearing a short skirt which came barely below her crotch, which would certainly be visible to the occupants below.  She was also wearing a white school shirt which hugged tightly to her gynormus breasts.  Each of which she was sure were bigger than her head.  Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric, poking out obviously, and the gaps between the buttons were stretched open, showing off her grey furry cleavage.  She had also tied up the bottom so that it rested under her breasts extenuating the appearance of her already large bust which bounced hugely with each of her elongated macro steps.

Amy ran her hands down her figure, over her breasts, her bare muscular belly and over her hips.
“Personally I like it, and look.”
She grabbed the hem of her dress and turning to face a near by building lifted it up, thrusting her pelvis towards it, revealing to the occupants her naked furry vagina.

After this she rubbed her breasts down the building till she was peering into the windows she had just shown herself to and turned to Anrill.
“They do to.”  She looked back to the building
“Hey boy’s you like that?... oh good.  Show me some fur and I’ll show you my tits.”
Her eyes widened and she started glancing eagerly from window to window with a huge grin spread across her entire muzzle.  Stopping on one in particular she said.
“wow you’re good.”

“Amy what are you doing?”
“Not now…  ohh that’s kinky, wanna try that on me?”
Amy looked up.  “Alright alright don’t throw a tantrum”
Looking back to the building she said “sorry lads, maybe later.”
Amy stood up and moved towards Anrill with a resounding sound of disappointment emanating from the building.  Amy sat down next to Anrill, causing even more car accidents.
“I know what you need Anrill.  A nice good rampage, I here there’s a town not far from here where fur’s are kept as pets by humans.  Wanna go rip the place a new motorway?”
“Thanks, I don’t exactly feel like it.”
“Why not?  You usually love sticking up for those icle oppressed tiny’s.  Say where’s that one you used to keep on you’re shoulder?”
Anrill looked on her shoulder.
“What Brian Bains?”
“Yeah that’s him.  That rabbit with the bitten ear.  Where’s he?”
“He’s… he’s gone”
“What happened?  He dump you?  Cos if he did I’ll squish the little git into a pancake.”
Amy pounded her fist into her hand to emphasize the point.  Anrill looked down and sighed.
“Worse? Worse how? He get killed?”
“How kinda?  Common girl you can tell me I’ve been you’re pall for how long?”
“You promise not to tell”
“Cross my heart and hope my tits fall off.”
Anrill smirked and pushed her friend lightly
“Oh you”
“So?  What happened?”
“Well ok... but you probably won’t like what you hear…as you know we were living together in my flat.”
“What that tiny’s sized one”
“Yeah, that one.  Anyways he used to surf the internet allot.  When I looked where he’d been I found allot of links to some strange sites, mostly with vore in the title.  I didn’t look into it past the title.  I thought it had something to do with him dating me.  So I took him to Rogue’s place on the quite.  Thought letting him see some real people get eaten and the fear of death might snap him out of it.  Fat chance.  The little idiot jumped off my shoulder.  Ran right along his cave wall and jumped onto his plate and shouted to be eaten.”
“Good god he didn’t?”
“He bloody well did.”
“What happened?”
“What do you think happened?  He got munched of course.”
“Was it quick?”
“Hardly… I could hear his screams of agony even from within Rogue’s stomach.  Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna downsize and drown my sorrows in bear in that pub over there. So if you wouldn’t mind, seeing as you can’t downsize, don’t follow me.  Last time you did the barman died all over the beer pumps.”
“Sure thing…  If that’s what you want.”

With that Anrill stood up and crossed to the side of the road and closing her eyes she concentrated hard, as she did so she felt the world rush past her in a blurr as if she was falling, only with her feet still firmly attatched to the floor.  Within moments she had shrank down to normal size and once there she de ghosted herself and walked away towards the pub.

Amy looked towards her building and smiled.  Oh yeah.  You guys wanted to see some macro tit didn’t you.
She could hear the cries of joy from within as she stood up and began to undo the buttons on her shirt.

More to come…….

Written by Robert B H

Chapter 2

The pub was quiet.  Being mid afternoon there were only a few people in the bar, so it was rather quite.  The door opened and a tall canine wearing jeans and a jumper walked in with his tale tucked firmly between his legs and his head hung low.  His brown floppy ears drooped lower than normal.  Mumbling to himself he approached the bar, knowingly stepping in a puddle, and not giving a toss because he felt so low.  Standing by the bar he pulled out his wallet from his jumper pocket and held it out on the counter till the bar lady came up to him.
“What’ll it be?”

Not liking beer he ordered a large double vodka red bull, without ice.  He felt like something with a little kick to it today.  She made him the drink and as he predicted she’d added ice.  Handing over the cash he took the drink and sat on the stool, making sure he moved his tail out of the way first.

Picking out the ice and putting it in a nearby ash trey he took a sip.  He sighed and decided.  ‘If I’m gonna get pissed anyway I may as well do it cheep’ and took a good swig instead.
“Why me?  Why’d she have to go and come back?” he sighed to no one in particular.
“Who’s back?”

He looked up at the owner of the voice.  She was quite pretty, but he wasn’t in the mood to really notice that at the moment.
“Some girl I know.  Real bitch… and I don’t mean the canine variety.”  He took another swig.
The girl ordered a beer and turned back to the guy and sat next to him.
“Girl trouble eh? Names Anrill, and you?”
“Why are you so down?  She can’t be that bad?”
“Wanna bet?”
“What she do then?”

John took a huge gulp and put the glass down.
“She lied to my face.  Took all my cash, ruined my life and now she wants more.”
“That sounds worse than my tale.”
“Which is?”
“Tell you what… you tell you’re story and I’ll tell mine.”
“Fair enough.  Well it all started when I met this girl.  A right knockout looker, which is saying something when you take into account she’s not got any fur.

We got into a relationship her and me.  It got really good, but I’m always the one paying for stuff.  I don’t mind at this point, though annoyingly she insists on keeping me and her a secret.  Furr hater by day, furr lover by night.  I even thought about taking her to a physiatrist about it.  One day she comes round my place and things get hot.  One thing leads to another and we end up mating.

Next morning I wake up with my hands and paws rapped up in cloth. A collar round my neck and my muzzle held shut by some leather thing and I can’t see properly.  Next thing I know I’m being led down the street on all fours, completely starkers.  Whenever I objected I got a good whipping, so I got whipped allot.  I probably still got the scars under hear somewhere.”

John pulled up his sleeve and rummaged through his fur,  before continuing his story.
“I’ve never been so humiliated in my entire life.  Then she decides to leave me tied up outside a shop where I’m arrested for indecent exposure.”
“Gees thats incredibly awful. What did you do?”
“Tell the truth what else? Luckily some old lady vouched for me.  Said she saw her whip me and force me to pee on the corner like a normal dog.”
“Man this is so much better than my tale. I – sorry do go on.”
“When I got out she’s hightailed it and I don’t see her again.  Well at this point I don’t want to see her anyway.  Not till the letters started.”
“Yeah.  Letters saying I owe her like a heap load of money to keep the baby.  Says I’ve been a terrible father leaving her and if I ever want to see my kid I’ll pay double the normal amount.  And like a sucker I paid up for a while.  But when I pressed her about seeing the baby she gets all evasive.  So I tell her in no uncertain terms that if I cant see my own child she aint getting no more cash.

Next day she comes round and shows me the baby.  I swear he looked just like me at the time.  Doesn’t smell anything like me but I don’t care.  At this point I’m just happy to see my child.  I pay up on the condition I can see him again next month.

A month goes by.  He smells different but I put it down to where she’s been taking him.  Next month different again.  And the next month not only does he smell completely different, but his fur’s a different shade of grey, and he is suddenly a she.”
“What the? But that’s impossible.  ”
“That’s what I thought.  I don’t mention it to her though, and when she leaves I followed her all the way to what I presume is her house and I wait outside.

While I’m waiting I notice a sign outside the door saying furr adoption agency. Turns out she’s been sneaking them out of there cribs just so I’ll keep paying up.  Paying twice what I should for a baby that doesn’t exist.”
“But how do you know she was smuggling them?”
“Because I asked the lady behind the counter next day and according to the books no kid had left there bed’s that night nor had any been handed in or put up for the night.  They checked there security cameras.  They showed her lifting them out of there cribs.  They even caught her face on camera.  They phoned the police.  That and my testimony got her a nice long sentence.  Though I never got my money back.”
“Wow. And you say she’s coming back? how long was she in?”
“A couple of months.” he said sipondantly
“A couple of months?!”
“Yeah.  They let her out early. Real early.  Her lawyers found some shit arse loophole in the system to do with the fact that she only sneaked out furrs. I just got a letter from her this morning saying I now owe her big time and if I don’t pay her…”
John thumped his hand hard on the table.  Then sighing he took another swig.

“No wonder you’re bummed out.  You want another drink?”
John finished the last of his drink and handed her the glass.
Anrill turned to the bar maid and asked for the same as john had before.
She paid up and handed it to john.

“So what’s you’re problem... I’m sorry I didn’t catch you’re name”
“It’s Anrill.”
“Nice name… strange, but nice.”
Anrill smiled.  It is.  But then I’m a strange girl.
“How so?”
“I thought you wanted to know my story.”
“Sure ok.  Maybe it’ll make me feel better.”
Anrill then proceeded to tell him how her boyfriend got himself munched by a certain macro.  She didn’t mention who or how he got there for reasons of her own.

“You mean to tell me that he asked to be eaten because he thought it would be sexy? Forgive me but that just doesn’t make sense to me. How would boiling alive and suffocating in the belly of a giant be remotely erotic?”
“Beats me.  But obviously some people find it appealing.  Personally I find it appalling.  But hey.  It stops a few normal people, cows or whatever being munched.”
“Well if you put it like that… but it just doesn’t make since.”
“don’t try to fathom it out then.  We all like different things. I just guess some people like things… well… I don’t know… anyway lets get off this subject shall we?”

After a few more alcoholic beverages the two continued to talk, slowly forgetting why they had felt down.  And were quite disappointed when the bar maid told them they were closing for the night.  The streets were dark and lit only by the moon and the yellow glow of the street lighting.
“What now?” john asked.
“I think a better question would be your place or mine?”
“My place is just 5 blocks away down the street if you want to go there?”
“I’d love to.”

Anrill grabbed his arm and the two staggered round the corner past the building Amy had flirted to, which now had two large breast shaped holes in it.  They past some of the cars Amy had crushed as they walked.  Amazingly there wasn’t the slightest hint anyone had actually died in any of the wrecks that littered the road, but the odds were sadly against it.

“I really wish she she’d-d, shhh hs, sheee’d w-watch where she putsh her feet.”
“You sure you haven’t had too much to d-drink An-drill?"
“NO no not… not had enough enofff Booz yet.” She replied as she gave way to an extra large wobble on her feet.
John smiled “are you pissed?”
“Me too.”

5 blocks later they struggled up the stairs giggling as they ascended, narrowly missing dangerous falls on a number of occasions till they reached John’s fourth floor apartment.
“t-this p-place is a dump David – I-I mean john.”
“I know.  I’m the only one here cept the guys downstairs and they only come here to sleep.”

“So why’d you suggest hear?”
“Cos last time I went to a girls house it ended badly.”
“GOOD, good r reason Johny.”
They went in and shut the door.
“I can tell a guy lives hear John boy, look you’ve even got left over pizza. On the floor.”
“Sorta.  That’s were I put my paper resy – recylebibls.”
“Yeah. Hungry?”
“You’re looking at a girl with a tummy so empty she could easily eat a heard of cattle if she was in the mood.”
“Pizza, kebab, canned dog food or the week old crap outa my fridge?”
“kebab, Definitely kebab… I’ll pay.”

A little while Later…
“Oh good the kebab’s here”
How much?
“Three pounds fifty miss.”
“Here you go.”

Anrill took her kebab and opened it on the table.
“One extra large Donna kebab between the two of us.  Perfect for two hungry carnivores such as ourselves”
“Shall I get the cutlery?”
“Hell no.  I’m too hungry for that.”
With that she jumped on top of the table with her head over the kebab and plunged her muzzle at it pulling out 5 slices and hungrily scoffed them down before going for another.  This time coming out with three.
“Come on then, before I finish it all myself.”

John smiled and climbing up lunged towards the kebab himself.  It was actually kind of fun fighting for food like this he thought, as he picked the soft greasy bread out of the polystyrene container with his teeth.  He was about to tear a bit off with his hands when Anrill grabbed the other end in her mouth and pulled at it with a broad smile across her muzzle till it taw in two.

After having eaten all the meet the only thing left was the salad that they hadn’t asked for, which as carnivores they just ignored, pushing it to the side.  They sat down on the table with the spread remains of the Donna scattered between them.
“You’ve got juice all over you’re muzzle john.”

John began to lick his lips, comically trying to reach places his tongue couldn’t quite reach. Anrill giggled.
“Here let me.”

She lent forwards and taking his head in her hands began to lick off the grease from his muzzle, working from the top, round the side, over his forehead and onto his lips, where she found his tongue licking back.

His hands rested on her soft fluffy cheeks and they kissed.  When the kiss ended they smiled drunkenly at one another.  John’s hands fell slowly from Anrill’s cheeks but she didn’t want that.  She grabbed his hands and smiling broadly sat up on her knees so that her breast were right in front of him.  Despite this he was looking straight up at her face, smiling joyfully at her.  She smiled back and guided his hands up her shirt and onto her breasts.  She smiled broadly at the look of stunned happy amazement on Johns face.  She smiled more when she saw the bulge in his trousers.

John was amazed at how warm and soft her breasts were, even through her bra.  He couldn’t help but stare open mouthed at her chest, daring only to caress them with his thumbs, in case she took his hands away.  Instead she reached behind her and undid her bra and without removing her shirt slid the cups out from under John’s hands.  She almost caused him to remove his hands till she pushed them back on.  She reached down and lifted her shirt revealing to him two large white orbs, set onto a white tummy and framed by the brown fur of her body and back.
“do you like?”

John look up and smiling nodded “I think you’re beautiful.”
“Oh you tease.”
John let go of her breasts and hugged her to him, his face landing squarely between her breasts.

Anrill smiled down at him and stroked his head, pushing it lightly between her voluptuous bosoms.  John moved his head to look up at her face but saw only the inside of her shirt and her chin peeking through the neck hole.
As she continued to stroke him she let her shirt fall back down over him and continued to stroke him.  John closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of Anrill’s closeness and began to pant happily and his tail began to wag faster than it had for a very very long time.

More to come…

Chapter 3

Anrill smiled as she felt his warm breath blow the hair all the way from her cleavage to her chin with each of his happy pantings.  She knew his tongue might make her fur wet but she didn’t mind.  Somehow making him happy made her happy.  Slowly however she began to get annoyed with her shirt getting in the way and stops stroking John long enough to remove her shirt.  But to her disappointment John removes himself from her. 

But that feeling faded as he removed his shirt.  Flinging her shirt away Anrill pounced upon his white furry chest, pushing him back onto the table.  It might not be the manliest or well formed chest she’d seen but somehow that didn’t matter.  It was more than manly enough for her.  She ran her fingers through it.  His tummy was so warm and soft and her hands glided beautifully through it.  Running her hand’s round away into his brown it became coarser, thicker and slightly colder.

“This is good.” She said as she lent her face into his chest, while rubbing his brown furr with her hands.  “But this is nicer.” She said as she rubbed her face against his white chest letting out a happy sounding “hmmm”
John moved his legs and tail carefully out from beneath his bum and smiled down at her as Anrill pressed her body to his, pressing those heavenly orbs into his belly, they were so tantalisingly close to his groin that it ached to be used, to be allowed to touch this beautiful goddess that was now happily panting on him. Blowing the fur down his left hand side and hummed happily…
“Hmmm…  Hmmm.”  Anrill looked up at john without moving her head as dogs do so very well.
“Stroke me…like I did you.” She asked gently.
John’s smile broadened as he reached forward to stroke her as well as he could.  He reached his hand down and touched her head.
*bang bang*
They both jumped and said in unison.
“What the?”

*bang bang tump thump thump*
“Ah crap someone’s at the door.”
“Ignore them.  They’ll go away.”
“Yeah… now where were we?  Oh yeah you wanted to be stroked.”
John reached out to touch her beautiful head. He brushed passed her ears and touched her hair.
John jumped again.  And cursing himself returned to Anrill’s stroke.  He reached out to touch her beautiful
“Oh bloody hell.” He turned to the door and shouted. “GO AWAY… I’M BUSY”
Smiling at Anrill he reached out his hands and brushing past her ears.
“Oh for the love of… FUCK OFF…”
He reached
“Right that does it.” He turned to Anrill.
“I’ll get rid of who ever it is and well get back to where we left off ok…?”
Anrill got up on all fours and lent close to his face.
“Ok… but hurry…” she kissed him and his heart began to thump.  Then…

Anrill lent to one side and let him roll off the table.  As he headed for the door Anrill spied the crushed Kebab box and kicked it off the table and said.
“What a bloody nuisance.”
***BANG BANG … well you get the idea.
John reached the door and turned the lock

He opened the door and was instantly shoved rudely aside as a human woman barged right past him picking things of value off the phone table and shoving them into the bag she carried, before rounding the corner and seeing Anrill topless on top of the table.
“First you stop paying.  Then you send me to jail and now you’re doing it with cheep hooker bitches, typical  no respect for you’re so called “mate” or you’re son.”

John had been stunned by her sudden appetence but that remark about Anrill made his blood boil.
“Get the bloody hell out of my house you human scum.”
Before he know what happened a rock hard fist came flying through the air and punched him hard straight down the nose with a sickening kind of spattering sound, closely followed by howls of pain.  John crumpled on the floor clutching his muzzle screaming in agony.
“Where’s the money you filthy mutant dog.  You owe me for at least 12 months back pay, plus five hundred quid for legal fees and the insult.”

Anrill sat utterly shocked at the scene before her.  She could sense the lies, deceit and greed that flowed from this woman.  It flooded the back of her through with an awful taste.  A sense she knew was unique to her.  she’d only seen this - this thing for a few minuets and already she despised it.  To call it a human or even a she would in her mind be a disgrace to either category.
“I aint paying you squat that was not my son.” John said as he lay on the floor clutching his muzzle.
“You got allot of balls for someone who is about to loose them.”
Her foot swang back and rocketed towards his crotch.  John moved, causing her to miss but the pain she caused was still very high.
“ahhhhh haa”  he rolled back to where he had been, now in even more pain than before.

Anrill stood up on the table and hunched over, her knees bent, her arms sideways and forwards with her fingers splayed, showing off her claws and baring her teeth she growled angrily.  She was in a typical agressive pounce position.
“Leave him alone.”

The woman turned round.
“And why should I do that… how am I going to feed my child if he doesn’t pay his dues?”
“You don’t have a child. At least not with him.”
“I expect he told you the same lies he told the police…and the people at that adoption agency. He’s scum… he’s not worth dying over.  He’s a liar and a cheat, that just wants to get out of paying me what I deserve.”

Anrill spat on the flaw.  The taste of lies, deceit and pure greed at the back of her throat was almost acidic to the taste.
“The only liar is you, I don’t even have to ask for proof I know.  And there’s no way I’m the one who’s going to die here.  Whore.”  Whore was good, a whore has sex for money and that was what this thing had done.
The deceitful thing reached round her back.
“I think you are mistaken.”

In little more than a moment she had whipped out a gun and pointed it directly at Anrill’s chest and fired.  Without a millisecond of hesitation.  Anrill had barely this much time to react.  No sooner had she realized what was happening it was almost too late.  There was absolutely no chance to dodge.  Using all her might Anrill Began to ghost herself.  She focused with all her might on only that as the bullet zoomed towards her.  The bullet hit her skin and the pressure built up as time seemed to drag on forever, the pain it caused increased as it broke the surface then all of a sudden the pain was gone.

Looking down she could see the bullet travelling though her body.  She had ghosted beyond anything she had done before.  Time now seemed to crawl for all but her and even from her perception she was all but invisible.  Stepping away from the bullet she looked at john, hunched over in pain on the floor and then at the woman holding the gun, an expression of pure evil frozen on her face.  Then she looked down at her chest where she could see the white outlines of a wound where the bullet had pierced her skin
“You fucking bitch. You fucking bitch you almost killed me.  Right that’s it I’m gonna brake a life time rule.  I’m gonna kill you.  I’m going to fucking kill you in the most painful and horrible way I know.

I bloody well hope you’re into Vore, cos you’re going in my tummy, alive and kicking, you son of a whore.  You’re going to drown painfully in my tummy acid you god damn bitch.  I’m going to enjoy feeling you wriggle helplessly down my throat.  Oh I so hate you, I hate you for what you are, I hate you for what you’ve done to John and I hate you for what you’ve made me want to do.”

To be continued…

(Anrill’s not the only one breaking a life time rule here.  Unless you haven’t noticed Vore is not really my thing.  But it kind of fits don’t u think?)

Chapter 4

Anrill stepped off the table, leaving the bullet far behind and positioned herself to pounce on the gun wielding woman.  Once in position she dropped down and pushed hard against the floor with all her might, de-ghosting in mid air she slammed hard into her side, her claws ripping through her clothes, creating red marks down her flimsy pink skin.

The woman barely had time to scream before Anrill dug her claws deeper into the woman’s waist and pulled her down to the floor screaming in agony.  Several shots were fired off blindly, going miles off target.  Anrill realizing this was her opponent’s only defence quickly changed tactics and lunged with her jaws wide open at the gun wilding hand and bit hard into it, her teeth grinding on the bones within.  The woman screamed and instinctively let go of the gun.  With lightning speed Anrill grabbed both the wrists of her opponent and slammed them into the floor before slamming her heels into the woman’s legs, pinning her to the floor.

The woman struggled vainly beneath her weight like a fish on a hook.  Anrill moved her muzzle close to the woman’s face, her teeth showing menacingly as she growled triumphantly down at this piece of human scum.  She stopped struggling and looked straight up at Anrill.  Anrill could see she was frightened and despite herself that pleased her.

Anrill moved her mouth towards the woman’s gaze.  She wanted the woman to see her sharp canine teeth, she wanted her to see her teeth flash menacingly before her eyes as she spoke.
“Who’s going to kill who now?”
“You will never kill me you inferior being.  You’re no more than a genetic experiment gone wrong.”
“Do have any idea just how easily I just brought you down?  You had a gun and you still lost.  And you have the balls to stand up to me?”
“I do because I know what you are.  What you all are.  You should have been eradicated the moment you’re kind first emerged from that lab.  You’re whole species is the result of some sad lonely guy’s wet dream.”

Anrill pressed her wet nose hard against the woman’s forehead and growled loudly.
“You have just insulted the memory of every furr to ever live.  Our ancestors became more than what they were.  Nearly a hundred years have past and you still hate us for what we are.”
“What you are is a subhuman monstrosity, an abomination against the will of god, a freak caused my man’s stupidity.”
“Enough… I’ve heard those word’s before many times and I don’t wish to hear them again.  I had changed my mind and I was going to let you live.  But now let me lay down the rules.  I’m a hungry carnivore and you, yes you are my prey, and when I catch you I will kill you.”
The woman’s expression finnaly changed from anger back to fear.
“You have to the count of 5.”

Anrill released the woman’s hands, grabbing the gun before the woman could and backed off on all fours, letting saliva drip menacingly down her chin like a rabid dog, just to add to the fear factor.
The woman sat there horrified
“Two... If you value you’re life then I suggest you run.”
She watched as the woman stumbled to her feet in a made frantic dash to the door, her hand’s clutching her sides as she fled.
She was gone.

Anrill stood up and calmly crossed to the window, opening it she swung to the other side of the window and into the cool night air.
Anrill looked back at the curled up figure on the floor, still clutching himself in pain.  He wasn’t paying attention, He was too busy being in pain for that.
“Don’t worry John I know what I’m doing… I’ll be back in a second.”
She looked out the window and saw the woman emerge from the stairs and run down the street.  An evil grin crossed her face

“Four, five.”  With that she ghosted from sight and jumped off the window ledge.  While still in mid air she closed her eye’s and concentrated on being big.  Her feet slammed into the floor and she shot straight up into the air.  Feeling the wind rush past her she opened her eye’s and was back to her normal nine and a bit story height.  Looking down at the tiny moonlit streets below she spotted a familiar fleeing figure turn a corner and began her pursuit.

Anrill could feel the wind rushing past her, flowing over her naked chest as she ran after her, she moved slowly at first but using all the might in her massive legs she accelerated her huge mass and was soon going much faster than her prey.  Once up to speed she used the full bounce from her digigrade feet to help push her legs high in the air, enabling her to push them forwards with greater ease and further increase her speed (*).  She followed behind the woman, her humungous un hindered breasts now subject to the full force of gravity bounced and swayed uncomfortably with each stride, the wind blowing her fur about like crazy as she plowed though the night air, but Anrill didn’t care, she was far more interested in the chase.

Spying her chance she took a giant leap forwards and brought her right foot crashing down in front of the woman, de-ghosting as she did causing a massive thud.  The woman ran right into it and fell to the floor with a bump utterly perplexed at the sudden appearance of a wall of fur.  Almost immediately people started screaming, cars screeched to a halt and all the noises Anrill associated with the appearance of every other macro but herself issued from the ground as the people below panicked.  Anrill bent down and plucked the stunned woman from the floor between her finger and thumb and hoisted her to her face.

“No… I- It can’t be.”
“Oh but can, and it is… I’m going to give you one last chance at life, just one.  Leave town and never bother me or John again or I’ll kill you in the most horrible fashion imaginable.”
“Ha I knew it, no mater how big you fur’s get you’re all still a bunch of pussies.  You’ll never...”
The woman never finished her sentence as Anrill dumped her inside her mouth and sloshed her round, pushing her against the walls of her mouth and against her teeth before spitting her back out onto her hands.  Where the woman spluttered and chocked up Anrill’s flem.
“You god damn bitch.  You hairy whore.”
“Choose now… leaves and live, or stay and die.”
“I will never take orders from an evolutionary inferior like you.”
“Wrong answer”

With that she threw her into her mouth and lifting her head back swallowed, or at least tried to swallow.  She gagged tried to force herself to swallow the wriggling woman again, but the feeling was horrible.  It was like having a huge throbbing lump in her throat.  She tried again and managed to get her down so far before she fell to her knees and wretched the retched woman up onto the pavement, where she lay covered from head to toe in thick flem.  She sat up and wiped her mouth and gasped for air, as Anrill continued to wretch.
“Ha… I knew it… you’re nothing but a pathetic ball of useless fur, like all of you’re kind.  You’re just lucky I missed you, next time we meet you won’t be so lucky.”

That was it.  One way or another this, this thing was going to die and she was going to die now.  Anrill swiped her off the flaw with her paw and standing up wound back her arm and hurled the woman over her shoulders with all her might like she was throwing an incredibly light cricket ball.  The woman sailed through the night sky.  Anrill watched her sail away through the air till she was a dot flying high on the horizon.

“Serves you right bitch.”
For a moment she just stood there looking at the point where she had disappeared, until a series of flash’s caught her attention.  Looking towards the ground she saw a crowd gathered round her, at what they considered a safe distance.  As she looked at them she realised a couple of things.  One… they were all men and two… allot of them were aiming various forms of personal media equipment at her.
“What the?”
Blinking off more flashes she looked around.  Then it twigged…
‘Oh my god they can see my tits.’
“Ahhh”  She swung her arms over her breasts and tried to ghost but she was too embarrassed to concentrate properly.  Stepping backwards she tripped over a van and began to fall backwards.  Instinctively she letting go of her chest she put her hands behind her as she came crashing down with a tremendous bang, crushing some unfortunately parked cars into the road, beneath her tremendous weight.  Her ears went red with embarrassment and pressed back against her head.  Pushing against the tarmac she lifted herself from the floor, unfortunately the wreckage of the cars had gotten tangled in the fibres of her shorts, slicing the fibres and tearing large holes in the fabric.  Twisting round she got up and clasped at the newly formed holes in her now ruined shorts.  If she had been tiny sized this wouldn’t be a problem but at this size they afforded a view of large chunks of her bum.  This was followed by more flashes and plenty of wolf whistles.  Clutching one arm round her breast and a hand over her bum Anrill fled the seen with her tail between her legs, finally managing to ghost as she rounded the corner.

When she reached John’s apartment she downsized and began to walk up the stairs, her head hung low
“My god what have I done.”
‘I’ve shown the world my tit’s and thrown a woman too her death… that’s what.”
As she neared the top of the step she saw john’s body hanging limply over the top stairs unconscious.
Clasping her hands to her mouth she gasped in horror.
“Oh my god what have I done?”

To be continued…

In case an explanation is required for the reference mad just prior to the asterisk encased in brackets hear it is…

I have experimented with running like a bipedal digigrade style (by running on my toes) and found that with the same effort I could run noticeably faster and for much longer before I had to stop.  This I attribute to the fact that I didn’t loose so much energy pounding my feet into the ground.  I also noticed that when I used the bounce of my toes this method provided, to move my feet nearly up to my bum I wasn’t pushing my legs forwards as I have to when running flat foot style.  This I deduced is because by shortening the length of my legs from there pivot point I am increasing there resonance frequency (Shorter pendulums swing faster.)

This means I can put energy in to stay on my toes and to push myself forwards.

I could say more about my findings but I’m sure I’m not the only one here to try this.

If these observations and or conclusions have already been made or have board you silly then I apologise for wasting you’re time.

Chapter 5

Anrill ran up the remaining stairs to where John lay unconscious
“Are you alright?”
John just moaned in response.
“Come on, let’s get you inside.”

Putting her arms around him she lifted him to his feet and helped him to stagger through the living room and onto his bed, where he collapses in a haphazard heap.  That was when she noticed the blood on his side.  A wet patch of red running freely from his side, his blood drenched fur blocking the wound from view.

Remembering the first aid training she’d had as a girl scout she glanced around the room for anything that could be used to stop the bleeding.  She pulled out all his draws but they were empty and she didn’t like the look of some of the stuff in the wash bin.
Running out into the dining room she spied a red cloth on the floor.  Grabbing it she returned to john.

He wasn’t bleeding very fast but there was no telling how much he had lost already.  Opening up the cloth she ripped it in two, not bothering to find out what it was.  Throwing one piece to the floor she scrunched up the other and used it to apply pressure to the wound.
“Here hold this… It should stop the bleeding.”
She guided Johns hand to the cloth.

“Keep the pressure on it or it won’t do any good.”
Picking up the other piece it dawned on her what it was…
“Ah nuts… my favourite shirt.  Ah well it’s for a good cause.”
With that she ripped it again and tied the pieces together into a long piece of cloth which she then tied round Johns waist, tying it tight round the bandage to keep pressure on the wound.
“There is that better?”
“A little.”
“Now stay there while I go phone for an ambulance.”

Getting up she looked for the phone before she shrugged and got out her mobile phone from her back pocket.
Flipping it open she pulled out the ear extension rod (*) and dialled the number.  She answered all the questions, including whether the injured was human or furr, carnivore or herbivore. With different species comes different biology and different medical training, one of the many reasons the government hadn’t been too pleased when furr’s first entered the world as it meant pouring even more funds into the cavernous hole of the NHS.

Closing the phone she decided she’d better cover herself before the ambulance arrived.  She didn’t want anyone else seeing her breasts today, but she didn’t have a shirt anymore.
Spying John’s shirt and jumper she put those on instead.  The shirt hung over her breasts and didn’t return to her tummy very well.  Seeing as it was a guy’s shirt this was expected.  The jumper was a bit tight round the bust so she decided against it and put it down on the table and went back to john’s bedroom.

“I know I shouldn’t leave you like this but I need to go outside and wait for the ambulance. Will you be alright on your own?”
“Yeah”*cogh cogh* “I – I’ll be fine.”
“Ok.  But if you need anything just whistle and I’ll come running… I’ve got very good hearing you know.”
She smiled and John smiled weekly back.
Anrill turned to leave. Then turned back.
“Oh I borrowed you’re shirt.  I hope you don’t mind but I used mine as you’re bandage.”
John raised his head to see her and his week smile broadened.
“Cause not.”

She smiled back and lent forwards and kissed him on the forehead.
“Be back soon.” With that she turned and left.
Slumping back on the bed John thought about Anrill’s breasts bouncing around inside his shirt.  The one he had been wearing and probably would again.  He kind of liked the idea of Anrill wearing his clothes.  In fact he probably would never wash that shirt again just to keep her scent in it.

Outside Anrill didn’t have long to wait till the ambulance arrived and two humans jumped out. (most doctors were humans.  Something about being easier to keep clinically clean.) They asked her where John was, though they didn’t ask by name.  She directed them upstairs, telling them about her bandage job on the way.

She opened the door for them and ussured them through the living room, where one of them saw the gun and pointed it out to the other.  Anrill didn’t notice this because she had her back to them.

When they reached John they started to remove the bandage and sent Anrill for some clean water.  When she returned they poured the water over the wound, washing away the blood from the wound.  Enabling them to see a hole in his side.
“Looks like a bullet wound.”
“Am I going to be alright?”
“Fortunately for you It’s only a flesh wound son… In and out with minimal damage and there’s no visible signs of infection.  I’m just going to give you a proper bandage from my kit, some antibiotics and a localized nannite injection.  They should also heal you’re nose while there at it. You can take the bandage off in a day or so.  Though I want you to drop by the hospital after you do in-case there’s any problems.”  He looked to Anrill.
“Though I’m going to have to report this as a possible attempted murder.  Regs say I need finger prints from all witnesses and that gun if there are no cops on scene.”
“You think I shot him don’t you!”
“What I think happened is inconsequential… It’s up to the law to decide who is guilty.  I’d pray you’re finger prints aren’t on it.”
“Cause there on it… who do you think took the gun away from his assailant.”
“Then I’d start phoning you’re lawyer. Fred do you’re bit.” He said turning to the other man.

John grabbed the guy’s arm feebly.
“Don’t even bother… She’s innocent and I do NOT intend to press charges against her.  I doubt the prints of my real assailant will be on there anyway.”
He let go.
“Besides it’s the law’s fault she’s out anyway.  It was one of there stupid equality laws which let her out.  If they’d stop passing laws to stop inequality and just extend the rules to everyone then I wouldn’t be lying here.”

“hu… that as it maybe but that’s up to the law.”
“Eere frank… if he’s not pressing charges then there isn’t really any point.”
“Is that what you’re training told you fred?”
“As a matter of fact…”
“Ok then.”
Fred pulled a needle from his box, jabbed John’s wound.  Wrapped a clean bandage round him and threw some pill’s at his chest.
“Take those… You’ll feel drowsy, don’t bother fighting it… It’ll ware off in good time.”
He picked up his bag and headed straight for the door with Anrill following close behind. Once they were out the door Anrill herd one doctor say to the other.
“Bloody independent carnivores.”
Locking the door she headed back to John, dropping the gun in the bin on the way.
John popped out one of the pills and plopped it in his mouth and swallowed.  The effects were almost instant and he conked out there and then.

Anrill smiled and tucked him in for the night.  She was just thinking about heading home when he started to shiver.  Anrill just stood there for a moment twiddling her thumbs wondering what to do.
Then she came to a decision.  Undoing the tail button on her shorts and slipped them off, casually flinging them aside.  Dressed only in her bright white panties and Johns shirt she lift the duvet covers and climbed in next to John.  Being careful not to hurt him she put her arm around him and put her legs around his, placing as much of her body as possible next to his she pulled the covers closer over them, and pushing her chest to his she closed her eyes and began to nod off as John’s shivers slowly disappeared.

More to come…

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