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This is a story about to people falling in love.
Once there once was a beautiful girl named Ysabel. Now, this took place in the Philippines. She lived as a owner of a famous dish called Steamed Chicken. . Yes, she was poor like a cinderalla story but this one is really different.This starts the story of love from the very start where she acheived all of her goals. Ysabel started out with a wonderful family. Her family was poor but they shared love like more riches then you can imagine. The love they had for each other bonded them like glue stuck on paper."Mother, how can you ever know when it is right to stop the fire and taste what you made?" young Ysabel said to her mother."Well, it is like love." her mother replied with a grin.Looking confused Ysabel asked "What do you mean?". "When you fall in love and the person that you love doesn't love you back, you just have to stop the fire in your heart and see what you got to fix." Ysabels' clever mother answered."Then, what if you can't fix your heart or your dish?" the little girl asked."Well....... I guess you just have to let your heart fix you." her all knowing mother answered her with a grin. "I don't get it?" Ysabel said." Someday you will.........someday you will." Her mothers' voice faded away as Ysabel woke up. Her tomeboy sister was playing the guitar and making a 5 star song. Her brother as to speak had a wonderful voice. From this story on, I think that you should know her mother had died about 10 years ago when Ysabel was 10 years old. She left Ysabel nothing not even a inheritence, not a stack of clothes. Nothing. She did leave her the recipt book that she writes on whenever her mother cooks a dish. Every dish represented a emotion that you feel in your everyday problems. "Come and eat!" her friends mother said. Since her mother died long ago no one in her family claimed to take care of her so her mothers best friend took good care of her like she was her real daughter. "Coming!" Ysa yelled back. "Come on Alex, Chang wants us to eat." she told her tomboy sister. In the Philippines there are different ways to call your parents. "Ok, tell her I'll be there in a sec." Alex replied. "I heard that! You better come in here before I drag you in here by your ear, Alexandra!" her mother yelled back. "Ok." Alex said, not arguing with her loud mother. All three started to eat. While they are eating, I'd like to tell you more of how the death of her mother happened. Her mother was probably the best cook in Laguna. She had the most greatest dishes that you won't be able to cook in years. "Ummmmmmmmmm! That's the way you cook left overs from last nights dinner." Rosario said. "That smells good mother" Ysa said while she entered the room to get ready to eat breakfast. "Yup! This was the leftovers from last night. I can't imagine what you can do with something you already used." her mother said agreeing to Ysas' comment. "Come on let's eat!" Rosario aid as she set down two plates and cups for the cooked meal. "How do you do that mother?" Ysa asked as she helped her mother get the table ready. Ysa was a ten year old but was a responsible child evn if she was young. She helped her mother around the house and started to learn how to cook when she was about five years old. "Do what, sweety?" her mother asked, not understanding what her daughter ment. " How do you know what kind of emotion goes with food?" Ysa asked, excited what her mother was going to say to her curios question. "Well.............." her mother thought. After a couple of min. her mother finaly got an answer to Ysas' out of the box question.

To Be Continued...............

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