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Fighting against the oppression of the devil and depression is a relentless one.
“My Mephistopheles”

He is relentless
I swear he can’t be beaten
Smacked down and bleeding
Pinched in his power within

“Please let me free!” I cry
He laughs with the shrieks of hell
No rest will be found here
All comforts my mind repels

I bask in my sorrow
For it shall never leave me
It stays as long as I wish
Unlike all else who run free

They don’t do it on purpose
I understand that
But in those exclusive times with him
There is no place for the diplomat

I have no voice for negotiation
He shuts it out with swift flair
I’m in his power, searching for release
The deep chasm I’m only half aware

A light pierces the obscurity
One chance to find freedom
Nothing can stop me
No, not even him

I push on with that light
Struggling to remember its brilliance
His pursuit strengthens
But I must not lose this chance

An obstacle threatens to throw me off
You can’t do this, just stop trying
More difficulties arrive, saying
You will fail, to yourself stop lying

I don’t know what I’m doing
But I can’t give up now
I will not falter
Of this I vow

I want to be like those
In the stories we’ve heard
Who stayed strong in the faith
They never wavered

Why can’t I be them?
Surely I can
Every age needs a hero
Like me they began

But the harder I drive
The more he fights
He has to win
Sometimes I think he might

But I’ll continue to struggle against
He who is cursed
I don’t want his glory
Of darkness, the worst

I have to believe I can make it
Or there simply is no chance
Of me I must change
Not the circumstance

My will is stronger
Than he who claims otherwise
He wants me to hate myself
Criticize and compromise

I refuse to do so anymore
Just to see the slap in his face
I’ll take the hard times as they come
My unique beauty I’ll embrace

I know the hurdles will never stop
I’ll admit I’m scared of what could come
But I can’t hold back who I am now
For the person I could become
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