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the third installment of this amazing story about giants and love.
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Chapter 11

Unable to concentrate Anrill decides to tidy the apartment to keep her mind off things. This also gave her the opportunity to find where things went. After all she would be living here for a while. Things went well till she started tidying up John's room… it smelled so strongly of his scent. She tries to concentrate on cleaning, on anything else and started straightening out the sheets only to get a nose full of his musky scent and suddenly her mind was elsewhere.

She closed her eyes and sniffed at the air and followed the scent to his bed.
She climbed on the bed and sniffed up and down, particularly down as she berried herself beneath the covers till she found the patch that smelled most strongly of him. His musky scent made her crotch feel warm inside.

As she sniffed at the fibres she began to roll around and press her muzzle deeply into the bed as she tugged at her clothes. She slid her hand down her shorts and under her knickers and stuck her fingers inside herself. All the while sniffing and nibbling at that smell.

**Brrrrrrring bbbrrrring.**

Anrill sat up with a start and breathing heavily. Quickly brushing herself off she jumped off the bed and followed the sound of the phone and began scrabbling around in a pile of magazines and newspapers where the sound was coming from, all the while muttering to herself about that time of year. Finding the phone she picked up the receiver and placed it frantically to her ear.

“Hello… 0168… err.”
“Hello Anrill.”
“Yeah it’s me. How’s it going? Settling in alright?”
“Yeah. The place is a mess though.”
“Yeah… I’ll deal with that when I get back.”
“Forget about the house I want to know what you’re going to do to me when you get back.”
“Ohh fie. Ie file 189… yes if you would just fill out form 189 and post it in we’ll… no sir I’m sure that won’t be a problem…”
“What the?”
“… It’s ok my boss just passed through. He’s gone now… what was the question again?”
“Where do you want me when you get back? In the kitchen, or on the bed?”
There was a slight pause, before John whispered down the phone.
“In my arms. So where do you want [i]me[/i]?”
“On top and on the inside. With all the phones off the hook and the doors locked with no way out”
“Why would I want to get away from someone as piety as you. I’ve been thinking of nothing but you all day.”
“Then the second you get back throw you’re clothes off and lock the door. I’m going to thank you like you’ve never been thanked before.”
“I’m already looking forward to it… oh shit gotta go. He’s coming back.”
*click… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Anrill put the phone down. And sighed happily. Then she saw the clock
“Ah nuts four hours!? How am I gona to keep occupied for four hours? I can’t stay hear for four hour’s I’ll go mad.”

She caught his scent in the air. And began to follow it…
Shaking herself she shook out of it.
“Man I got it bad… I better go for a walk… clear my head… some high altitude air will do me good.”

Heading out the front door Anrill checked her thumb print worked the lock, before shutting the door abruptly and heading for the streets. Stopping inside the empty main entrance, dressed in John’s shirt and her tawn jean shorts she tucked her pendant into the shirt and ghosted herself before walking out into the busy street, which within moments began to turn into the tiny street below. Looking out over the tops of the many buildings she couldn’t help but pity those small people who would never in there whole lives even imagine the beauty of a world from up so high. The air was wonderful up hear away from the smog, and the unhindered views were wonderful. Unhindered that is exempt for the tallest of man made construction.

‘Why was it still called man made?’ she pondered as she spotted one under construction ‘There are after all plenty of furr’s working in construction… mind you allot of them seem to suffer from cement pox.’ She smiled at this thought. Cement pox was the term that had been given to the formation of clumps of drying or dried cement getting stuck in you’re fur whenever working on construction sites. Consequently you could always pick out a construction worker from the crowd because of there moth eaten look.

Brushing such irrelevant thoughts aside Anrill put her best foot forwards and preceded to march through the streets. The occupants below as always unaware of her existence as she walked past Amy’s building. Which now boasted allot of scaffolding on it’s surface.
“I don’t get it… how on earth does she get away with it? I mean it’s such a blatant breech of the treaty and you never see a video of her bare breasts on the news…” Anrill clenched her fists with enough force to crush a car.
“I don’t get it. Why does every macro but me get away with showing there massive faces in the middle of towns?” She slammed her fist on a near by roof with enough force to make it crash down to rubble had she not been ghosted.
“You make ONE mistake. ONE MEASLY mistake…”
She slammed her fist down again

“It’s not fair. It’s just not bloody fair. I’m the most people friendly macro going and they single me out as the bad guy… out of all the blatant breaches, crushings, smashings and squishings they receive from the likes of Amy they pick on me!”
Anrill wanted to take her anger out on the people below, on the buildings and cars. But instead with an almightily cry of rage she smashed her fists into the scaffolding to no effect and ran. She ran as hard as she could for as long as she could till she was out of breath and had all but warn out her aggression and most of her energy. Not to mention run out of city.

Taking deep breaths Anrill turned round to face home, clutching her sides.
“I bloody hate the media.”
She opened up her pendant and raising it to her mouth she spoke to it.
“I want to know the time.”
She then placed her thumb over the light. Her eyes went all blue and her voice changed as she spoke the time, sounding more like a guy’s.
“Eleven thirty five.”
She removed her thumb and closed her pendant. Her eye’s and voice instantly returning to normal.
“Ugh... too long….” She moaned.

Anrill spent many uneventful hours roaming the edges of the city getting progressively more board. Only stopping to pop into Mac Donald’s when her stomach growled loudly at her.

Her stomach full Anrill upsized and continued to roam the streets. Checking the time at regular intervals until finally after what seemed like an eternity it was time to head back. On the way she heard those tell tale sounds that a macro was on the loose.

Curios as to who it was and what they were doing this far in town Anrill decided to Take a detour and follow the sounds, but it took her longer than she expected to catch up with the macro. As she turned round a corner she saw Amy walking along the centre island of a main road, dressed only in tight frilly white knickers, a bra that looked at leas two sizes too small for her humungous breasts and a single watch.

Looking at her watch Amy said to no one in particular.
“Two thirty… plenty of time to get there.”
‘Plenty of time for what?’ Anrill thought to herself. She decided to follow and crouched down onto all fours and followed Amy down two more main roads till she turned a corner and walked right up to a school. Amy looked over at it before bending down and reaching out her enormous hand and squeezed the tops of the gates together with her fingers, before simply stepping over the fence as she looked hungrily at the building.
‘Oh no surely not… Oh please no not a school’ Anrill said as she backed behind a convenient building.

Anrill watched as Amy climbed on top of the building, which miraculously didn’t even creek with her weight. She sat down on top of it and looked at her watch again before shoving her hands down her knickers and started playing with herself. The people on the street below just stopped and stared as she caressed herself quietly bringing herself to orgasm till someone on the street below whistled loudly at her.

‘Oh you stupid stupid man. You’re in for it now, you just gave away her position.’ Anrill thought to herself. And she was right.

Amy sprang into action in a split second, scooping up the whistler and swatting away the crowd with the side of her feet, reducing many to mere smears on the pavement, those that survived ran like crazy. The man barely had time to scream before Amy was back on top of the building with her fingers clasped like a vice over his mouth.

She raised him up to her mouth, so he could see the huge teeth that could so easily snap him in two.
“Quite you fool.”
Amy let go with one hand and used it to push her Knickers down past her hips provocatively.
“Do you like it when I masturbate?”
‘Say no, just say no.’ Anrill thought.
The guy nodded. Amy held the guy at arms length so he could see her body as she used her free hand to remove her bra, letting it drop to the floor. Her huge breasts bounced free and bobbed up and down, now free of there tight prisons, her tremendously thick skin making them appear to defy gravity as she caressed them lovingly with her hand for a while, before tracing her body down her weist, past her hips and down to her knickers, which she slid off and stepped out of.

Anrill knew what was going to come next, but she had long ago made a promise never to interfere in such matters. She could only watch in horror at what she already knew was coming.

The guy obviously appreciated what he saw and appeared to be masturbating in Amy’s hand.
“I bet you want a closer look.”
The man looked like he was in heaven as Amy brought him up between her breasts and rubbed him over them before running him down her belly and plunging him head first into her vagina where he squirmed and squealed and wriggled his little heart out, preying she would release him as he was drenched from head to toe. But from the expression of pure bliss on Amy’s face there was no way she was going to. Holding both hand’s over her crotch she began to rock her pelvis with her eye’s closed as if she were riding a man. She continued this till he stopped squirming within her and she began to slow down. When she stopped her actions Anrill had to look away. What was coming was too horrible.

There was a slight cracking sound and when Anrill looked back. Amy was once again using her fingers. As she continued her head lent back and her mouth hung open as she rocked with each thrust of her hands until finally with one last giant push she climaxed and relaxed.

Amy lay back on the roof and grabbed limply at her knickers and simply placed them over her crotch.

After a short while she looked at her watch and seemed to wake up. Still completely naked she rolled over and turned round on all fours and positioned herself so that her head was dangling over the main exit. Her eyes fixed looking straight down on the double doors.


All of a sudden the door burst open and kids of every humanoid species imaginable came pouring out of the building in a mad happy frenzy, but almost half were wolves. Still on her hands and knees Amy walked off the roof, remaining low to the ground, like a predator stalking its prey. The flow of kid’s came to a sudden stop when she came in view of those inside. Those already outside heard screams and turned to face Amy. Some froze in terror but most fled, spreading out within the confines of the school unable to escape because of the fence’s and closed gates.

Amy slid off, letting her boobs bounce off the roof and onto the tarmac before bounding down and began the chase. Simply playing with the frightened looking kid’s till one fell to the floor. She came to a complete stop with her boobs hanging ominously above it where it began to shake like a leaf. She picked it up with one hand and sat down, swiping the ground with her tail first, clearing all from her prospective perch like a giant brush, before raising the hapless child to her face where it began to cry.

To be continued…

Chapter 12

Anrill wished with every fibre of her being that she hadn’t made that promise as Amy sniffed the child and pushed her nose against it gently before giving him a quick lick with her massive tongue. Then she did something completely unexpected. She put the child down on top of her muzzle.
“There there… don’t cry… You know I’m not going to hurt you. It’s only a game.”
The wolf boy dried his nose on the back of his hand and sniffed.
“Besides. That is no way for a wolf to act is it Tim?”
“Yes mummy.”

‘WHAT DID HE JUST SAY!?’ Anrill shouted within her mind in utter confusion.

Amy took the cub off her muzzle and placed it gently on the floor.
“Besides what would father say?”
She looked around and spread her arms out wide.
“Come on kid’s everyone grab a piece of me and give Big Mommy the biggest hug you can.”
Suddenly almost all the cub’s on the playground and a good many from inside rushed out and crowded round Amy and grabbed clumps of her and appeared to be hugging her, while the other half ran back inside.

Anrill sat down looking utterly perplexed.
‘What in the blue blazes is going on?’ she thought to herself.
Well there was only one way to find out. Standing up Anrill straightened out her clothes and walked towards Amy.
And this time voiced her question.
“Amy… what the hell’s going on?”

The kid’s on the floor took one look at Anrill… a view they should not have been able to see, as Anrill was still ghosted and suddenly ran away screaming, this time much louder and shriller than before.
Amy looked up at Anrill.
“Ahh… I err… that is I mean… err…”
Anrill stepped over the fence and took Amy’s hands in hers and lifted her to her feet.
Amy looked down at the kid’s on the floor several times during a silence that seemed to go on forever.
“Amy what is going on? Why did you just call yourself mummy… you’re not a mum.” Anrill pointed at Amy’s somewhat flat tummy.
“I’d have noticed.”
“Well I guess it’s ok to tell you…” Amy looked straight up at Anrill and stared at her with a menacing look and prodded her in the chest.
“But if you blab, especially to any macro’s I’ll tear you limb from limb.”

“Ok I wont, you know me. So what is it? You finally developed a soft spot for the tiny’s overnight?”
“I guess… In a way. You see they [i]are[/i] my kid’s, I [i]am[/i] a mum.”

Anrill crossed her arms and looked at Amy quizzically.
“Seriously... What’s going on… There’s no way you gave berth to a pack of normal sized wolves, I mean look at you. You’re a macro for god sake… It’s not possible.”
“Oh I assure you it is. Word of advice, don’t take a normal sized lover while warring a magic hyper fertility bracelet.”
Amy’s eyes suddenly went all dreamy.
“But he is the sweetest little guy I’ve ever met. He’s going to be taking me down the Isle…” Suddenly her whole body posture changed to one of annoyance “As soon as we find one I can fit down.”
Anrill just stared open mouthed as Amy turned back to what Amy clamed as her perfectly normal sized children... This was just too much to handle at once… but it would explain why they could see her.

Amy turned round and dropped to her knees.
“Hey kid’s this is the friend I’ve been telling you about… Anrill.”
A tinny head popped out.
“Is she going to eat us?”
Amy bent forwards and gently scooped her up and held her close to her chest.
“No of course not dear.”
She turned to Anrill and raised the child to her nose and sniffed her. “Anrill, meet my daughter Anril. With one L. I named her after you.”

She held the child out towards Anrill. The child sat between Amy’s cupped hands and waved. Anrill bent forwards towards the child.
“I still can’t believe that’s you’re child… she’s sooo….?”
“Tiny? I know sweet aren’t they?”
“Except Bengley mummy, he’s been pulling our tails again.”
“Yes dear.”

The child in Amy’s hand started to pull at Amy’s finger for attention.
“Mummy, Mummy…”
Amy moved the small child towards her face.
“Yes dear?”
“I’m hungry. Can I have a drink?”
Bemused Anrill watched as Amy sat back on top of the school and moved her cupped hand to her right nipple.

As Anrill approached Amy she looked into her hands and could see the small child suckling at her teat, her small jaw clamped firmly onto Amy’s massive nipple with milk dribbling down the side of her mouth.
“wow… You really are there mum… but why did you never tell me?”
Amy looked up from the small child, a blissful motherly expression on her wolven face.
“Because I knew you wouldn’t believe me unless you saw them. Just don’t go blabbing… last thing I want is a hungry macro coming over to my place to chow down on my family…”
“But if you’ve got a mate already, why do you dance around like you’re in heat all the time?”
“Like duu… Appearances. Last thing I want is suspicion.”
Amy looked back at her child and sighed. “It’s moments like this I wish I could turn small like you… ”
“You should be able to…”
“Yeah I know, but I can’t.”

Anrill took her pendant in her hand and opened it. It shone blue as always. She looked at it thoughtfully for a while before looking back at Amy.

“You’ve told me you’re secret Amy. Now I’ll tell you mine.”
Anrill held out the amulet to Amy.
“This is the source of my ghosting ability. Or rather what I use to charge my abilities. I can do it on my own but it’s much harder. According to my father it leaks energy from another universe, where the laws of physics are entirely different to our own. It then stores this energy as a kind of magic that manifests itself in different ways. It’s like a battery for magic. It’s been in my family ever since the beginning of furs. The picture inside is of my distant relatives, the ones who created it. It can tell you almost anything you ask it. Anything exempt the question to the answer of the meaning of life the universe and everything. (*) I tried once and it nearly exploded. My father keeps telling me it can do much more. But it requires the right kind of energy to release its potential, but no matter what source of power I subject it too nothing happens.”

She pushed it towards Amy.
“Here. Touch the blue bit and ask it how.”

Shifting the child to just one hand Amy reached out and touched it with her free hand; her massive eye’s suddenly turned a solid block of glowing blue. This did not go unnoticed by the children below, who ran towards Anrill’s feet with teeth and claws drawn crying out at the top of there voices.
“Leave our mummy alone.”
They went straight through her toes and landed in a heap on the ground. While the child at Anrill’s teat started to cry and shake her mum’s ginormous breast.
“Mummy? Mummy? Stop glowing. Please… stop glowing.”
Anrill tried to pat the small child but her fingers went though her as she backed away from her hand in fear.
“What have you done to my mummy?”
“Don’t worry little Anril… you’re mothers fine.”
She turned to Amy “Go on… ask it.”
“Ask it what?”
Amy’s voice sounded somewhat far off.
“Ask it how to downsize of course. Isn’t that what you want?”
“How do I down size?” she said in the same far off voice.
“No no. You’ve got to tell it you want to know… say something like… I want to know how to down size.”
“I want to know how to down size.”

There was silence for a while then suddenly Amy’s eye’s returned to normal and a big beaming smile crossed her face.
“So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all these years.”
Amy stood up and put her crying child down on the floor and closed her eye’s.

To be continued…

(*) If you haven’t heard ‘the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy’ then really you should. And if you don’t have it where you live for some reason then I really really pity you. But for those people who haven’t heard it, read it or watched it then the following is an explanation. (personally I prefer the audio version.)

The meaning of life, the universe and everything is 42… However for this answer to mean anything then you have to know the ultimate question to the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything. However at the end of the latest series we discover that both are mutually exclusive and cannot both be known within the same universe at the same time as they will cancel each other out and basically destroy the universe and possibly replace it with another one more bizarre than the one it replaced. But this may have already happened… hence why the amulet won’t tell her and went slightly bonkers.

Hope that has cleared things up.

Chapter 13

With her eyes closed Amy concentrated hard on the task at hand, she began to concentrate on being small. She focused with all her might on the image of her getting smaller and smaller. She screwed up her eyes with effort, before opening them again. Breathing heavily She looked back to her friend.
“It’s no good. I can’t do it.”
“Sure you can. Almost all macros can do it if they try hard enough.”
“I know that.” She began to finger quote. “It’s part of the process that created us, caused us to grow and maintain our size yada yada yada, blah blah blah.”
“Just try again Amy.” She held up her amulet. “Just do what the amulet told you to do, and take you’re time. The first shift is always the longest and hardest. Don’t rush it… Just let it happen.”

Amy turned back round and closing her eyes she shook her hands and breathed slowly and deeply, calming herself down, trying to ignore the feeling of little hands on her feet she cleared her mind again and began to paint her mental picture once more.

Closing her eye’s she began to picture herself in the middle of a forest, all alone in a forest of oak trees, no pine trees. Tall wonderfully smelly pine’s that reached up to her thighs, she could feel them brush her fur, even though they weren’t real.

The longer she stood there imagining, the more real the forest became. Until it was like she was actually there, only she controled everything from the breeze to the swaying of the trees and the shape of the clouds. It was the most vivid dream Amy could ever imagine. She ran her hand through the tree tops, and although she knew her hand never actually moved she could almost feel the tree tops tickle her palm. The real world was now so unimportant that she began to forgot about it and immersed herself entirely in her beautiful dream world as her real body went limp.

She added birds to her world, birds that swooped and sang as they flew through her trees and the then through the skies. She added mud to the ground and felt it squish between her massive toes, before swishing her arm through the air in an elaborate sweep to cause the clouds to swirl into pleasing shapes. Then she raised pastel coloured snow peaked mountains and the image felt complete.

The only person for miles in this beautifully tranquil place, Amy removed what little she was wearing, dropping her watch to the ground below with little more than a thought. She then turned her attention to what her own body should be like. She began to fill in the details of her own form, till she came into sharp focus according to how she saw herself through her minds critical eye, accentuating everything she saw wrong with her body. Looking down at herself Amy ran her hands down her small tits and her slightly flabby waist with disappointment and decided to correct these flaws and concentrated on herself again, this time thinking of how she wanted to look rather than how she thought she looked.

She felt her whole body go into flux, as things began to shift; all the flab around her waist seemed to expand before beginning to move around. It formed a slowly growing mound on her tummy, and the rest moved round onto her back, where it quickly moved to her bum, thigh and legs. Where it promptly changed from flab to muscle. The mound on her tummy began to move upwards, leaving a thin, taught muscular waist in its wake as it travelled into her chest, where it turned into two large perfectly formed breasts, now full to bursting with milk. After her fur re-ordered itself into a more pleasing length and positions Amy now looked exactly as she should. But this was a perfect world which Amy ruled with her every whim. Even if it was just a dream. So why stop there?

Once again Amy felt her body go into flux. Only this time she was aiming for the perfect body and not just the one she already had. Her waist muscles became more pronounced and her hips widened. Her bum grew bigger and bigger, as her legs grew more muscular and shapely. Her tits began to grow and grow, her skin thickening as they did so in order to handle there growing weight. They grew larger and larger. They grew till there combined dimensions were nearly twice that of Amy’s chest. Each huge bosom now pushed hard onto her ribcage with there incredible weight. The sheere weight of her breasts was causing her to topple forwards so she simply grew her muscles even more till they could easily handle there weight, causing her bum to grow a little bigger and tighter.

Touching her hands to her crotch she made it grow bigger and more pronounced, feeling it push forwards as it grew, letting her slit grow larger, wider and deeper. Looking down at her new body she was immensely pleased with herself. She was better endowed than anyone else had ever been and she loved it. Looking up she noticed the world was going fuzzy. The magic was wearing off and the last thing left to do was the hardest. The biggest jump of imagination that someone who’s been a giant all there life will ever have to do… Imagine being small. But somehow… Here it didn’t seem hard at all.

Without a moments thought Amy raised both hands and suddenly the trees rushed up past her as if she were moving them herself. Then she put her hands out in font of her with her palms out flat and facing down and pushed down hard on thin air.

Suddenly her whole body convulsed with a sudden shot of pain as her dream world turned into a sudden haze… Her skin seemed to squeeze in on her like a swimsuit that was far too tight and getting tighter. Her imaginary world disappeared and she was back in the real world… In definite pain.

Flinging her head back she screamed out loud with enough force to shatter the nearby windows. Her tiny offspring slammed there hands to there heads and ran away in terror, clearing there mother just in time as she came toppling down with a thud on her knees. She was still screaming as she began to topple sideways crashing down on top of the school fence, which crumbled beneath her massive bulk as if it were made of cardboard.

As the pain intensified she opened her eyes and was surprised to notice through the pain, that the world was getting slowly bigger. She didn’t have time to reflect on this for very long, as she could feel a rising pressure within her breasts. A pressure which quickly turned to pain. A pain which surged through her breasts rising with every moment as she continued to shrink, but her breasts didn’t seem to want to follow suit. As the pain continued to grow she looked at her chest and realized that the milk within her wasn’t shrinking with her. It was causing her chest to balloon out in front of her. As the pressure began to build she felt sure they were going to burst and just as the pain became unbearable milk mercifully began to squirt from her nipples spraying in an arc, landing on both her and the floor. But still the pain persisted as she began to roll around in increasing agony.

After what seemed like hours the pain suddenly ended. For a short while she lay there feeling wet. Her skin no longer felt too tight and though her breasts were extremely sore. (Especially in the nipple area.) things seamed to have stopped happening.

Turning round onto her back she wiped her face clean with her hands and opening her eyes looked down at herself. She was sitting in a huge white puddle, soaked from head to toe in thick white milk, her breasts had ballooned to almost twice there original comparative size, meaning they were each twice the size of her head. Looking between there massive bulk she could see the rest of her had changed as well. Her muscles were more pronounced, her hips were wider and her crotch stood out more. She was just as she had imagined herself in her dream world.

As Amy looked up from herself she saw the world around her. Her Jaw dropped and her whole body went limp. Everything was just so big… In reality it was just normal size, but for someone who has spent there entire life towering over buildings, becoming normal size meant everything was just so mind bogglingly big, and it scared the crap out of her.

All the muscles in her body tensed and her tail tucked between her legs as Amy’s jaw began to wobble up and down in a soundless scream. She felt something move above her, but when she looked up there was nothing there… Anrill should still be here… Somehow she knew she was still here but she couldn’t see her anywhere. Anrill was ghosted and for the first time in her life, when she was feeling more vulnerable than she ever had, not being able to see her one true friend scared her even more, and she began to shiver from pure fear.

She glanced up and down the sky then grabbed her knees and hugged them to her chest and began to rock from side to side, muttering to herself very quietly
“I’m small. I don’t want to be squished. I’m small. I don’t want to be squished.” Over and over again.

Two tiny splashes made her instantly stop and turn her head to face the noise. There standing at the edge of the huge white puddle of milk was a little wolf girl in a simple little oversized dolls dress looking very concerned. But Amy didn’t notice anything about her and simply returned silently to rocking back and forth.

“Big Mummy? I… Is that you?”
Amy turned to look at the little girl, but continued to rock back and forth as the girl walked up to her. Her little paws splashing with each step in the white puddle that covered and surrounded Amy. There was something familiar about this girl. Several more splashing sounds caught her attention.

As she glanced from side to side she saw child after child, all closing in on her. Instinctively she began to back up, through the puddle. Getting up she went to run but ran smack into an invisible wall. Looking up she could make out the ghostly outlines of a humungous hand. Glancing back she saw the children come even closer. One sniffed at her fur and looked up at Amy’s face with a beaming smile and cried out happily.
“Big mummy!!” Before flinging his arms around her waist and hugging her with all his might. Almost instantly the whole crowd closed in around her, each trying desperately to hug her. Who all shoved and pushed as they tried to get near her.

Surprised Amy bent over and sniffed at the huge crowd of children… were these children really the same ones that she not long ago could hold in the palm of her hands? As she smelt them all in turn, she became more and more sure they were indeed hers.

Amy had never felt so proud in her entire life as she saw each of there faces in a scale she could take in for the first time. As she glanced up at the sky Amy worded soundlessly “Thank you Anrill.” Before turning back to her children… Come on… Lets go home and surprise you’re father. Then she turned round and with stretched out arms guided her children on to the now somewhat longer journey home to there den, to the sound of horns and wolf whistles…

After all it’s allot harder to get away with being naked when you’re the same size as everyone else.

High above and out of sight, Anrill watched with a big beaming smile on her face as her friend walked away down the street. She couldn’t help but giggle when an unfortunate fox furr groped Amy’s bum and received a knock out punch to the jaw as a reward.
“I wish I had a family.” Anrill said to no one in particular with a sigh.

After a while she stood up again and walked in the opposite direction, heading for what was now her home.

To be continued…

Chapter 14

A little while later after travelling through the centre of town Anrill reached Johns apartment and downsized. John’s car wasn’t there so he obviously hadn’t come home yet. Disappointed Anrill walked up the stairs and pressed her thumb to the lock.
The door clicked and Anrill turned the handle and walked in.

It was just as she had left it… a bit of a mess. Checking the clock she sighed. ‘He wouldn’t be back for at least 25 minutes she thought to herself ‘and judging by the traffic outside that was being optimistic. Still that leaves plenty of time to get prepared for his arrival.’ She thought to herself

Anrill looked around the apartment.
‘Close the curtains?… nahh what’s the point. Were on the third floor. Erm… Oh I could tidy the bed room… oh wait that’s what got me outside in the first place… hmm. I know. I’ll get changed for his arrival. Yeah that’s what I’ll do.’

She walked over to the small pile of clothes from her old apartment and began to sift through them to see what was there.

“Ahh man. There’s nothing in hear but my dirty laundry and oh my god…”
Right in the middle of the pile. The one thing she had never expected or hoped to see again, her bunny suit, her eye’s widening in horror as she pulled it out of the pile.
“Somehow I doubt that’s going to be to John’s taste.”
She said holding it to herself before throwing it to the floor in disgust.
“Fat lot of good that did me, rabbits are good breeders not lovers they suck at that. Ten seconds and its all over, and that’s if I was lucky. Coupled with the fact he committed suicide… Well at least it’s worth a few bob.”
In annoyance she kicked it out of sight under the sofa.

Turning back round Anrill began sifting through the rest but she couldn’t find anything worth putting on, but she picked up the pile anyway and spread it out over the sofa. Surely there must be something here, but no. Not one of her favourite clothes was here. Mr Squirrel had literally emptied her washing basket. And she’d just washed all the good stuff the day before she left.
“Damn it.” She said putting her hands on her hips
“How am I supposed to look fuck me sexy with that lot?”

She surveyed the spread of clothes before her.
“That Bloody squirrel, there’s nothing but my rough clothes and not a single pair of underwear or a single pair of socks. I’d better have a word with that damn squirrel. John paid through the nose for this stuff.”

One piece caught her eye and she reached forward and picked up a small white t-shirt covered in rips and tears.
“Oh my god he even raided the bin.” She put it to her front as if trying it out for size and looked at herself.
“I couldn’t wear this… my tits would poke out the tears.”
A smile began to spread slowly across her face.

Putting it aside she scooped up the clothes in her arms before unceremoniously dumping them in the corner, before grabbing the bottom of John’s shirt and pulling it over her head.

Now completely topless she walked back to the sofa and picked up the shirt. She turned it over in her hands till she found the front and put her arms through the sleeves and pulled it over her head. As she pulled it down over her ample chest she remembered why it was ripped in the first place.

Where as once it had fit her like a glove, even cupping fashionably under her breasts, after its first wash it had shrunk dramatically. So when she had put it on it had felt remarkably tight. It had been ok until she had breathed out… accompanied by a loud sound of tearing cloth. Even in its current state it was still a tight fit.

Anrill meant to rectify this and did so by pushing out her tummy and jiggling her boobs up and down till a small ripping sound and a sudden lack of pressure signalled its success. Though it had been perhaps a little too successful as her entire right breast now hung out of a gaping hole and her left nipple was clearly in view threw another smaller yet still large tear...
“Time for some small adjustments I think.”

To start with she simply moved the cloth to one side over her nipple and then pushed her right breast back in… though it definitely needed some help staying there.
Remembering seeing a safety pin in one of the kitchen draws she headed there. It took her a while but she found it. With it in one hand she clumsily grabbed at her garment, pulling the two sides of the tear together and pinned them together to hold in her breast. She gave a quick jiggle to see if it would hold and it did.

Stepping back she looked down at herself, but it was too hard to tell what she looked like from this angle.
“mirror… mirror… oh the bathroom.”
Spinning around on her paws she pelted out the kitchen through the living room, down the corridor and into the bathroom and stood in front of the bathroom mirror and was pleasantly surprised.
“Wow. For something out the bin this is [i]really[/i] good. Mind you I’ll have to do some sowing to stop it ripping more but… I like it… And judging by John’s imagination of me so will he…Just one last thing.”

She lowered her hands to her jean shorts and undid the top button and undid the zip just a little. Before giving herself a little twirl

Her shirt had rips all over the place where the cloth had laddered or tawn, especially around her chest and bosoms, where it almost showed more fur than it hid. There was also a huge tear going right the way from the top of her right shoulder, over her right breast, under which it was safety pinned together, and then down past her tummy and around her left side. It looked very good and it even managed to cup successfully beneath her breasts even in this condition. The back was disappointingly whole, but the front was excellent and showed her off nicely. Combined with the undone Jean shorts it was definitely the sexy look she was after.

“Ohh I can’t wait to see his face.”

She began to pose in front of the mirror, practicing what she might do when he walked in when her sensitive ears picked up the sound of an unlocking lock and she suddenly went into happy puppy mode and ran out to meet him as fast as her legs would carry her.

Turning the corner she was faced with an empty unmoving door as she heard the sound of a closing door from up above. A false alarm… Ignoring what her keen senses had told her she opened the door and looked up and down the corridor just to make sure. There was no one there. Closing the door she punched the air in frustration.

Looking at the clock she realized only ten minutes had passed. Just ten. Thoughrally disappointed she sat herself down on the sofa and turned the hollo telly on. It was over a good half hour later before she heard the door unlock.

Turning off the HTV she turned around on the sofa and she saw John’s hand pushing the door open and she instantly sprang from her perch, her tail a complete blur of happiness as she tripped and stumbled her way excitedly to the door, giving him just enough time to step in before she literally threw herself at him knocking him to the floor.

To be continued…

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