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This is about Isabel having a nightmare.
This story starts at a cold night where little Isabel fell asleep to a long nightmare. "Omppp" Isabel grunted as she fell from a high cliff which was called Backhome. "Where am I?" Isabel asked herself. She looked around and found a beautiful setting. All around her were different kinds of exotic flowers. Every single flower was unique in its own way. The grass was softer than her feet have ever felt. The sunset was the most beautiful sight. The sky made so many beautiful colors that you couldn't name all of them without getting lost. The clouds were puffy like popcorn that was freshly baked. She could feel the breeze going through just like she was high above the sky flying. She walked around the place and found that the land was more beautiful than you could imagine. The trees were straight like a stick that was straghtend out with a sharp knife. She peaked through a bush and found something better than what she's seen so far. What she saw amazed her that she didn't see a huge bird flying towards her. "WATCH OUT!!!!" the gigantic bird yelled to her but before she could run for her life the huge bird dropped right on her.

To Be Continued............
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