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by moe
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trust and faith are simular but not the same

Faith is not a game.
Faith is a name.
That some of us carry,
but not a lot of us have.

Faith is something like trust. Just like trust faith is when something bad happens you have to believe that you will be all right. Trust that your bills will be paid even when you lose your job. Trust that you wont go hungry even when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. Trust that if you suddenly become ill that you might become well again. Trust and faith are similar but they are not the same. People get confused that there one in the same. People put their trust in they friends, husbands, wives, parents, and loved ones only to be disappointed. Once people are let down over and over again, from that point on it gets harder and harder to trust another. We have trust in people and fhave faith in god. Faith is like trust but on a higher level. Trust is some times base on evidences. It is base on something that we see or know. Faith is not so simple. We don't see god and he dosen't talk to us personally, so trust is based on evidence than faith must be based on something greater.   
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