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Can cats communicate with humans? Perhaps...
My cat talks to me. Really! Now mind you, she doesn't actually speak words. It isn't as if she wanders into where ever I happen to be and say "hey, you know what? I'm a bit hungry," or "I would just love it if you would give me some attention." However, she does communicate these things quite well. There is no mistaking what she wants and when she wants it.

My cat's name is Zoey. She is a pure white, long-haired Manx. A Manx is a cat that is bred without a tail. She's a fairly large cat and quite stocky. She has blue eyes, and she is absolutely beautiful. Her coat is immaculate, as it should be with the amount of time she takes grooming herself. She loves to be brushed, although on her own terms. If I try to brush her when she's not interested in being brushed, she gently paws at the brush as if to say "not now, please."

She sleeps at the foot of my bed. When I get up in the morning, she follows me to the kitchen while I pour my coffee. Once I am settled with my coffee and the morning newspaper, she will begin to speak to me. Meowing and purring, she will jump onto the arm of the sofa and, pacing back and forth, tell me that she wants some attention. Once I start stroking her, she will close her eyes and lift her head so I can stroke her throat. She looks as if she is in absolute bliss. If I stop before she is ready for me to, she'll gently nudge my hand until I begin petting her again. Eventually, she will settle down, either next to me on the arm of the sofa, or she'll settle herself on my lap while I try to read the newspaper around her.

When I go into the bathroom, I need to be sure to close the bathroom door tight, else she will push it open and join me. This can be quite embarrassing if I am unable, for obvious reasons, to get up and close the door. She will pace back and forth in front of me, meowing and purring, begging me to show her attention. She is quite persistent when she wants some loving and doesn't like to take no for an answer!

Zoey likes to sit out on the porch on her "perch" that we made her so she is able to look out the window at any and all activity going on. She does not go outside, so this is the best it gets for her. Each morning I will ask her, "Do you want to go on the porch?" She "answers" me by going toward the front door, jumping on the back of the love seat, and meowing and purring as she rubs against the door frame. I will open the front door, and out she goes, right to her perch. When she wants to come in, she will sit at the window meowing to let me know she's had enough of the porch and would I please open the door? It doesn't matter if the door is already open, as it usually is in the warmer weather. She still needs to see me get up and go toward the front door before she'll jump down. Sometimes she takes her sweet time coming in. I swear she does it just to see me get up! I'll wait a minute or two and then close the door. Not two minutes later, there she is at the window again, and up I get to open the door. This time, she comes right in and goes straight to her dish to nibble on some dry food and perhaps take a drink of water, meowing the entire way.

At about 4:00 p.m., it's time for dinner. She will follow me around meowing and talking to me until I realize the time. When I ask her, "do you want to eat?" that's all she needs to hear. She makes a beeline to the kitchen with me following close behind. While I am getting her food ready, she is telling me to hurry up! Her meows are constant and loud, as if she's telling me to hurry up already!

She is probably the most lovable cat I have ever had. She's so calm and serene, and never have I heard a cat purr as she does. But, she sure can she talk! There is no way I wouldn't know exactly what she wants. I do believe she understands me. Then again, perhaps I'm the one who understands her. It could be she's just responding to my love for her. It doesn't really matter either way. She's my kitty and I can't imagine not having her
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