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An enthusiastic 5-year-old girl asks her mother where Jesus lives.
Catherine, with enthusiasm, eagerly runs downstairs and heads to the kitchen where her mother prepares lunch. Holding an envelope in her hand, she taps her mother’s back.
         “Mom, where does Jesus live?” asked Catherine in a very convinced way.
         “He lives in heaven, Sweetie.” responded Mother.
         “Mom, what’s the address of heaven?” asked Catherine once again.
         “Heaven is way up there”, said Mother, gazing from the window and pointing to the clouds up in the sky.
         “Is there a mail box in those clouds?” asked Catherine.
         “No, Sweetheart. Why do you ask?” curiously asked Mother, kneels down to Catherine and holds her hand.
         “Well, I want to send Jesus a letter.” answered Catherine.
         “You don’t have to send Jesus a letter, not that He doesn’t appreciate it,” said Mom. “All you have to do is to talk to Him in prayer.”
         “But I think it’s much cooler to send Him a letter so He would always remember me.” convinced Catherine.
         “He’ll always remember you, Catherine. He’s the One who sent you down from heaven on October 29, 2001.” said Mother.
         “What if He doesn’t listen to my prayer?” worried Catherine.
         “He will listen, Honey. Don’t worry.” assured Mother.
         “But Jesus is busy with all the other kids. How am I supposed to cut in and make sure He listens?” asked Catherine, sitting down on a dining chair.
         Mother pulls a chair and sits beside Catherine, takes a deep breath, and pleasantly looks at her with a simple, sweet smile on her face. “Even though Jesus listens to lot of prayers during the same moment, He will always have time for you. He will hear you and answer your prayer at the right time.” explained Mother.
         “So you’re saying is all I have to do is pray?” asked Catherine.
         “Mean it with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul. I’m sure He’s very happy that you wrote him a letter.” said Mother.
         “Thanks, Mom.” said Catherine, giving her mother a nice, warm embrace.
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