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To those who justify unjust laws. Openmindedness is advised.
These lyrics are about current events in Monroe County and can occur in your hometown. This is how the "justice" system tries to "justify" certain laws and actions they perform. All of the system is not bad. But the ones who are, and you know who you are, this one is for you. Rated OM: Open mindedness is advised.

Today is a time where men turn to midgets,
Where they erase your name into a series of digits.
It seems that the law gets a lifetime erection,
By telling you tales that its all your protection,
Now how in the hell is it all safety,
When a person with cash turns guilt into maybe,
But let one be innocent but short on the dollars,
Deaf ears to the truth, that loudly be hollered.

So they say go speak to your public defender
Who doesn't want to work hard, they are only pretenders.
'Cause innocence and no cash equals plea bargain
And they hide it real good with small legal jargon,
So when the legal system smiles and says trust us,
Look at actions behind and see it's if real justice.
Bcause of false prosecution in Monroe on support
Now I gladly find you in contempt of court.

If you really want to stop our jails over crowding
Stop officials arrests from crimes that are doubting,
Like a guy in a bar that drinks some good spirits,
Who talks to some red bones and grabs a few digits
He had a good time and feels kind of tipsy
And he has to go home so he thinks kind of sens'bly,
Puts his keys in his pocket and decides to just hike it,
Thought the cabbies in town were the only ones who didn't like it,

But for a couple of blocks patrol has been trailing
And when he stumbles a step the sirens went blaring
Sobriety test is a must-done procedure,
Passed all of the test now he most blow for leisure
Some numbers are popped so now he is arrested
P.I. is the charge and his attitude is tested
His numbers are nowhere close to legal limit
County jail is the next stop so he must bear and grin it.

Two bonds on one crime is the news from the jailer,
Cash advance for the court costs, what's on disclaimer
And surety where there is a man from the county,
That's friends of the court ,if you run collects bounty.
That's financial double jeopardy, a true form of justice.
Look at the system that smiles and says just trust us.
Legal license is stripped and you have to abort
'Cause now I find you in contempt of court.

Church and state in some minds are just equal,
But combining the two is also Illegal.
So why is it true when one asks assistance,
That religious morality is always the instance.
So let's talk of a problem better know as TANF,
And the subject of fatherhood they take for granted.
They say that the program is for family protection.
But look at description of self that's in the first section.

They say it exists to promote a good marriage,
And discourage no-wedlock kids in a carriage.
They say that two parents are more financially stable,
But if jobs are in Mexico, how are they able?
Less work in a country means smaller job market,
Which means that parents have less in their pocket
And don't say it's up to our large corporations
'Cause they are out for themselves, not for this great nation,

'Cause if they really cared they'd pay a fair salary.
Stop hiring every cheap Moe, Curly, and Larry
And inferior products come off the assemblies
That we cannot afford 'cause we all work at Wendy's.
So when we decide to buy our stuff foreign
'Cause the quality is better and I can damn well afford them.
Do not get mad when my dollars go to men at the port.
I find you in contempt of court.
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