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Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Emotional · #1465867
Father and son communicate, though they have never met. Questions and answers.
Verse 1

Hope I wrote the right place and I'm reaching my Dad,
Hope your life has went well and your health isn't bad.
I'm just wondering why the hell you've been out of my life,
Mom said you just left to go back to your wife,
That you never sent a dime or even a card.
Life without you being present has really been hard.
Mom's got a new boyfriend and he's treating her wrong,
Got jealous because her name is in one of your songs.
I heard I got two sisters and a brother who's close,
And why you packed up and left is that you loved them most.
Another reason you said f--- it, turned around and went back
Is that your parents would like it because I'm only half black.
How could you say nothing and just leave me alone,
Not write a single letter or call up on the phone.
Please, don't take it all wrong, like I'm trying to attack.
I'm just hoping you have answers and you just write me back

Verse 2

Dear Jordan, I'm really glad to see that you wrote,
So you can finally hear the truth instead of rumors that float.
The truth is I've been searching around for you for years,
Would you see your birthday on the calendar and shed some big tears.
Now you wonder why my leaving seemed rude and abrupt.
Is that wasn't my own coice, I was forced here by cuffs,
Cause A false claim filed by my new exwife,
Couldn't take it, I was making it without her in my life.
Yes, you do have two sisters and a brother before,
But because they are of color doesn't mean they are more.
And it's the fault of your Mom if we have to debate,
Cause instead of being patient, she couldn't just wait.
Please, don't think that my absence is any fault of your own.
I think you'll understand it better when you're a little more grown.
Please, see I want to change your mother's misplaced gripes,
Keep me posted on your addy cause I want to be in your life.

Verse 3

Now I'm glad that you responded and I got the right house,
But the reason why you're gone is what I can't out.
Were you arrested for a crime that you could avoid?
Was it another family's life that you set to destroy?
Did you rob from another just to achieve self gain?
Before you did this silly crime did you think of the pain
That you would bring into my life? Did you think it was fair
For six years of my life that your presence was not there?
You missed my baby days and when I first walked,
And said my first word "Daddy" from the time that I talked.
Let's not talk about the pain that you have been through.
The responsibility of missing falls squarely on you.
You should have thought about my feelings before you did something dumb,
So the love you profess is on a heart that is numb.
I don't need a part-time father to come into my life
To tell me what he thinks what's wrong and what's right.

Verse 4

Isn't it ironic how things get confused,
The way a truth can be stretched in ways one can use.
Now let me tell you everything, so there is no deceit,
Fill the holes in the story just to make it complete.
Now I didn't go to jail for selfish reasons at all.
Sometimes the data of justice runs into a brick wall.
The reason I was arrested and had to show up to court,
Is that my ex was telling lies to get child support.
Now I tried to kill lies by just showing the truth,
But the state was not too interested in seeing the proof.
They said I was a man, so my job was to pay.
They didn't give a damn the case was false at the end of the day.
So I talked about you and how you're about to be born,
And how they kept me here for years, how your life would be torn.
They showed their morals inconsistent and their attitudes wild.
Isn't Daddy in the interest of a new born child?
They thought they were King and I toppled their throne.
They got made cause their greed and their bias was shown.
So they denied me coming back to your home state,
Then they lied to your Mom and I became so irate.
They said I didn't try and I really don't care,
That if I really gave a damn I'd take a bus and be there.
So your Mom took their side and left without any word,
And to say I never loved you is just so absurd.

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